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Gentlemen do you need to relax and rejuvenate. I welcome you to my serene, private and clean office with a professional massage table, covered with fresh linen, relaxing soulful music, and soft dim lighting.

Location: Aurora, co
Contact: 303-968-6892

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Omg I am exploding with all the love today y'all 💙🍾

Thanks so much 🤗

Let's keep the good times rollin'🍦🍌💦

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I taught tantric breathing at a women's self pleasure ritual this weekend. 🌺💦
These circles will be ongoing. If there are any providers who feel called to join in please dm me. It's such a juicy way to connect with yourself and share loving, sensual space with other awakened women. It's the ultimate in self care💗

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Hi NYC! I offer a sensual, genuine experience you'll daydream about for ages 💗 Invite me over for playful hangouts or fiery romps.. I'm silky soft, 5'1, with large eyes and seductive curves 😘
Incall available with 2+ day notice. Click for info and my glowing reviews or see for yourself..

Location: NYC

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Welp, I had quite the exciting evening last nite - not exactly the kind of excitement I’m generally interested in 😂

And, I have the beginnings of a cold - lil cough & stuffiness, has light chills.

So I’ll be attempting to rest and get better the next few days

I wish I had a place to get menudo nearby before the weekend😂

This just isn’t my week lol

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Hello Switterworld!

Today, we remember Jimi Hendrix!

Passed away on this date in 1970 in London.

The greatest rock guitarist of all time.

We love you Jimi! And, we will never forget you!

RIP to Jimi Hendrix.

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Tweet from Mia Ferrer ~BOSTON 💖🍒 (@MiaFerrerXOXO)
Mia Ferrer ~BOSTON 💖🍒 (@MiaFerrerXOXO) Tweeted:
If having sex for money makes you a hoe...
Does having sex for free makes you a non-profit whoreganization?

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Couple of updates since I’ve been away

-Made an A on BOTH of my recent exams 📝
-tried sushi for the first time 🥴
-donated blood and saved 3 lives 🏥

What have y’all been up to?

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I'll be available 09/17 in Washington D.C for incall after 3 pm and outcalls all day 😘

Book in advance, let's get sexy!
:licking_lips: :leather_boots: :lingerie:

Foot fetish 👣
300 - 1 hr

Nude body rub
320 - 1 hr

370 - 1 hr

Location: Dupont Circle, Washington D.C
Contact: 347-349-1023

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✈️ #falltourdmv|10/11-13th✈️ Show more

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I can't seem to stay away from Philly - I'll be available there tomorrow evening for outcall dates! Lets kiss and caress until we're dizzy 😚 I have a pretty face, silky soft skin, and excel at sensual touch. Intrigued? Read through my link and invite me over...

Location: Philadelphia

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New profile pic ⬇️

Follow me on Twitter for more interaction 👋🏽

➡️ @sinfullysexy_xo

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I'm shooting smutty videos with my friends tomorrow!! Tip me so I can buy some cute last minute outfits to use in the clips 😘 Tip $10 or more tonight and I'll send you 2 nude pics, tip $20+ and I'll send at least 5! Just DM me so I know where to send them 💖 Cashapp: $kittycatnap and Venmo: sleepcat

This is a big step to finally opening a clip store with sexy content!

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good мornιng, вυnnιeѕ! 🐰💕

:bunnies: нαρρу нυмρ dαу!

нανe fυn :licking_lips:

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🌸 qυeѕтιon of тнe dαу 🌸

ωнαт ιѕ nυмвer 1 on уoυr вυcкeт ℓιѕт? 📋

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