That silly trending COVID home haircuts. Mine is getting more interesting to amuse myself with various products to entertain my friends

@BrienneHarris did you ever share this with me? Saw Sharron Van Etten years ago when she opened for Nick Cave, but no idea she dis a version of this song with Nora Jones until today.

With Nora

Oh, hey, hi there Switter. Life has been odd, and plagued for a month. Remember with everything going on to wash your hands properly and be considerate to your fellow humans. Lucky me, though they think it's lingering bronchitis, or possible pneumonia, I had the joy of being sent to the ER for Covid-19 testing based on meeting some of the symptoms minus the fever and housemates traveling a month in Asia, then a month of visitors from Spain, Seattle, SE Asia, and other places now hit.

After the rains and the Arabian jasmine plants going crazy, debating how to prune and if I should bring inside or let them experience cold temps, while reading various recipes pf glazes and teas to use for my first tea smoked duck attempt.

@BrienneHarris Finally got around to watching it, and you were quite correct in recommending the joy of Bumblebee.

Yes, I am that person that walks into Costco for the three things you don't need a membership for and then try and bribe someone to purchase a 22lb brisket for me.

Today's parental unit conversation..

"How are you doing with the fires up there and smoke and power outages?"

"Okay. Not bad like 2017, but you need to know the geography better. Nothing is happening to SF. How are your fires down there?"

"There's one in Calabasas, one by Simi, and one by the 405 by Getty Center."

"Well, I guess you'll have some pretty good mud slides when the rain hits L.A. eventually."

Just your typical L.A. seasonal events.

Depressing when you find out the passport you got after a breakup to travel and clear your head is expiring in 3wks with no stamps as you continually do dumb shit that sucks up all your money

Trying to traverse late afternoon Folsom St. Fair to find friends is like driving in rush hour on the 405 if cars were wearing leather, vinyl, PVC, or puppy costumes. Of course when the drunks finally texted back they were now in the Eagle, it was a "I hate y'all" and biked back home to enjoy personal space until they stumble back here. Still, good to support the wonders of SF culture.

Finished binging "Carnival Row" on Amazon Prime (yay housemate), to only find AHS "Apococalype" was just loaded to Netflix. Dork out commencing

Semantics and instructions matter. You might get that unmarked and plain envelope, but you will get a goofy thank you card that you can keep or dispose of at your discretion.

Pepper plants are stupid with their producing. Picked 30 jalapeno, 15 Anaheim, & a bunch of Shishito. Home alone for 6 weeks & I have to get creative & not have them rot. I generally hate meat butter but found one I like. I give you 1 of 3 quarts of escabeche, chevre & spicy prosciutto paste stuffed Anaheims, grilled Shishito sprinkled with smoked sea salt. Now to prepare for the 56 Anaheim buds growing (yes, I counted). Will laugh at anyone that goes "those don't look like maraschino cherries"

When 25lbs of Hatch chile peppers steam after fire roasting, you end up with 19lbs vaccum sealed in 1lb bags for future use

Someone turned me onto "The Boys", which is prety cool, which then showed me "Electric Dreams". Such a geek, and never would have noticed these if not watching "Finding Joseph",nthe documentary about the Bad Brains singer I drove around in the 80s for SST Records

Someone asked me to feed them BBQ, so of course I smoked a big butt. Leftover dinner number three creation when I noticed the Anaheim plant gave me the rare red ripe ones (yay home gardens). Cleaned, flamed, peeled. Ghee toasted brown rice, garlic, and shallots before steaming. Leftover pulled pork and sausage. Mix the ingredients and theow in some Feta and Peri Pero sauce. Stuff the peppers and bake 20min. Nom nom nom

One of the things that really annoys me is buying a new salsa that says "Hot" and then having to go pull peppers from the garden to roast, peel, chop up, and add to the salsa to make it the right heat.

Prepping for Sunday smoker adventures. Three racks of ribs and three different rubs, one being the last of my rub .@LalalandVanessa @BrienneHarris

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