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After retiring for a while to undergo counselling, i called up my old regulars to let them.know i am getting in business, but due to brexit they are hanging onto their cash, i hope this isn't a sign of what all uk sex workers are going to face

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Discreet photographer for all industry professionals in the Portland, Oregon area.

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Welcome XXX Star Ella Nova to the Hetaera Agency! 😆 ❤️ ❤️ 🔥 😍 This wonderful hottie has an amazing personality & beauty to match! Ella is as sweet as she is tempting. :licking_lips: 🍭 🍬 She is available in Los Angeles, The Greater Los Angeles area, and OC for Outcall. Book this sexy temptress today! 👍 💋

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La Is NOT cracked up to be what everyone thinks the cash is shitty out here

Yes Cali Is Active!

But East Coast Got the real rich rich


but there's no place like Home

I ❤️ LA

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Heather’s sister, Breezy, blew into town and ready to get down! She is on all fours on the I-5 (whew,, thank God it’s not the 405!) make a pass at the overpass but beware her overbite. I’m pulling your leg but she has a better aim and sense of direction 818-325-5136 in Van Nuys,Ca.
Tell Heather that the handsome author sent you. 818-325-5136

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Rest in power, Ashanti Carmon. You should still be here.

Violence harms the lives of Black trans people every day.

We have a duty to protect and support one another. We need to honor our Black trans siblings while they're still alive.


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Pre-booking 'Hare Suburbs, All Western burbs: Oakbrook Lisle, etc., NW Burbs, Northbrook, Loop : .com to coordinate our schedules and get better acquainted.. reviewed Natural Busty DDD Blonde hair companion sexy affectionate #5'0" Petite /Translator at Med conferences just another pretty face.. forward to meeting soon❤ P411 P67217 -AVS

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“There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to , Texas.” – Willie Nelson

ATX: 4/8-4/10

RSVP: Link in bio 🔝

(Media by Morgan St. Honore)

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ι кnoω ωнαт ιт'ѕ ℓιкe тo вe нoмeℓeѕѕ & нυngrу

...тo ѕтrυggℓe & ѕтreѕѕ

...тo вe ριмρed oυт.. roввed.. rαρed

ι кnoω ωнαт ιт'ѕ ℓιкe тo вe deρreѕѕed & ѕυιcιdαℓ

ι'νe. вeen. тнere.

ι'м on ѕωιттer вecαυѕe ι ʝυѕт reαℓℓу ωαnт тo нeℓρ oтнerѕ ѕo тнeу don'т нανe тo endυre ωнαт ι нαd тo

➡️ ι ѕee ιт ωнen уoυ crιтιcιze мe & му ρoѕтѕ ⬅️

& ιf ι вoтнer уoυ тнαт мυcн, ρerнαρѕ ιт'ѕ тιмe тo ℓooк ιn α мιrror & fιgυre oυт ωну

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Sis: Wanna hear something funny?

Me: Lay it on me.

Sis: So my coworkers were having a debate on whether the vagina is a fruit or a vegetable.

Me: DAFUQ?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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OK ladies, who's gonna paint their tits green and yell "Erin go bragh-less" today? Happy St. Patricks Day everybody!

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sweet, sexy , sensual , and always got time for you. Come on over let me pamper and relax you let me tease you let me show you why so many people are saying Mature is the way to go.

My talents will leave you wanting more of my entertainment specialties

Seminary and I35 private clean discreate location

so come on over today

Location: Seminary and I35 in SW Ft Worth

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Things to try giving up for Lent:
• Religious sexual shame & guilt
• Believing in sexual sin
• Purity culture
• Rape culture
• Homophobia & transphobia
• Misogyny & sexism
• Covering up sexual abuse
• The Catholic Church


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