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Update to what i posted last night about my friend michael in usa who is in a coma after swallowing a lot of xanax, he has passed away without waking up :(

Not too good today, i got a call to say my friend michael in usa was found in his home by paramedics and rushed to ER, his stomach was full of xanax and he is in a coma, my friend lee called from usa and she said it looks like he probably won't recover, i hope to goodness that i get good news tomorrow saying he has beaten the odds and is improving

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Don't you just hate it when a newbie thinks they can haggle the price ? What part of its a fixed rate no haggling, don't they understand?

@bigb67 you can basically put whatever pic you choose, some of my previous ones were nudes but the current one i use is my nuns outfit, to give guys a chance to see what i offer

Ok if any if you are in sex worker groups on fb, watch out for archibald stanton, he is trying his hardest to stigmatise and shame workers, he supports the nordic model and has contempt for us girls

@girlsontour 50per cent?? Girl get out of there, if thats not exploitation then i don't know what is, try to find a collective, run by the girls for the girls, no madam no pimp,

Got some nice new clients after getting back to work after being abandoned by all my regulars when i had to go through trauma therapy

@EJDfw thats good to hear, as a sex worker i know the best way for any happy house to be run is as a cooperative, run by the workers for the workers so they keep the money they earn

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@Raynestorm yea and at the end he ended up in jail for exploiting them.

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I just ordered a trench coat. Black, of course. I’ve wanted one for AGES, and found the perfect one.

Definitely getting used in the shoot. Definitely.

@EJDfw sounds aa if he is making a mint from exploitation, he is nothing more than a pimp

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Txt me my names same 9173289815
Buy my pics cash app or PayPal❤️❤️❤️

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~The Sensual Sommelier~

Apr. 7-22
Hosting in Philly & avail. upon Request in
, , ,

Apr 23

Apr. 24-26

Experience my King's Retreat !

The Vanilla Curious

Classic w/ a few Twists

Sensual Sommelier off the clock dinner evenings

Location: Based~

Mmm giving a 'medical' tonight hi ho hi ho its back to work i go

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