Yaaay proper sex working weather, nice and sunny, light breeze, (hard running back to get in front of the camera in heels, lol)

I have been very fortunate to do a job that i love so much, i can't imagine not doing sex work, keep safe today sweeties xxxx

Morning hunnis, another day of clients to look forward to , damn i love my job :) xx

There are times i am so grateful for a career as a sex worker as i get to meet so many interesting and at times downright odd ppl, and getting in touch with co workers around the world x

The sooner the terfs and swerfs and their ignorant fosta/sesta bullshit are defeated the better

Mmm giving a 'medical' tonight hi ho hi ho its back to work i go

Ok, right ,men need to start being more respectful, when someone calls and asks"how much do you charge, old woman?" its not going to end in a booking, 1. I am in retirement at present with trauma councelling, and 2. Insulting me is an instant banning for life

Hopefully i will soon be up to working again and leaving this forced retirement behind

None of us should have to live in the fear that a booking might be an undercover cop, thankfully here in uk independant sex workers are allowed, as long as we work alone, why can't the government see that working with others provides safety for sex workers? Its hardly rocket science to figure that one out!

Full decriminalisation for all sex workers now! Sex work IS work!

There was an awesome video put up in fb by uk sex workers protesting in soho, demanding equal work rights ,and rightly so, we shouldn't have to work in secret, afraid of arrest, its disgusting that in 2019 that still happens

So proud to have worked under the red umbrella, damn i miss it

My big regret is that my client that loved reenacting rammsteins 'sonne' with extras ditched me when i was seeing a councellor

Hopefully not much longer to wait til bikini weather here in uk

Of all the jobs i have had in my past, sex work has been the only one that gave me the freedom to be my own person x

Omg some guys eh?got a call an hour ago, to make a bookibg, i politely explained that i am retired so i can focus on therapy to handle the flashbacks from when a clieclienped me a while back, so the guy got threatening and rude on the phone and slammed it down, i really don't need that :(

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