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Which little is reimbursing Our cheat day meal?


An easy opportunity to please Me & @The_MasterBrian@twitter.com.

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I am Eve the Hedon Princess.
Not just a hot girl named Eve; not just a hedonist; not just a princess.

I am THE one and only Princess of Hedonism.

Pleasure is all I do.

I'm not a brat, or spoiled, or entitled.

I know my worth, and I don't accept less. I don't put energy into what doesn't please me.

I like to relax, be worshipped, and receive pleasure. I know that giving me pleasure is ultimately more pleasurable to you than just pleasuring yourself.

Please me.


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I knew My feet were meant for better purposes before I ever started sex work. This snap was sent to a gal pal - imagine us at 18 just sending pics back and forth...

Imagine getting your own pix... @RTDoms@twitter.com

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I'm more than you deserve. But you can make me at least notice you... Send and hope it's enough. Kik) Bastetia.

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I'm Miss London , Central London & South London I am available for real time & online sessions . If you would like to find out how to book time with me you can message me

E :london2922@gmail.com

whoever or whatever you are or you are into get in touch .

You can find me online on Adultwork , Niteflirt and more just send me a message for a list of how to book me and where to find me

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So who wants to bask in the warmth of my witty repartee for an hour or two? You should be so lucky, or rich. Come on up, boys, I'm dead 🙏🙏🍭🍭

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you fucking mutt's, hand over my cut of your disposable ££££
Barclay's 53259706 20-27-91
CP kandyxo9@gmail.com

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