Every just need to fuck hard and forget about everything else .... ??? That is me right now ...

Another profile stealing from Sophie Dee famous Pornstar. Be careful out there guys the scammers are out strong right now.

I was worried about getting older , turned 45 today.... but all the beautiful sexy ladies on here keep me young ... Sometimes I feel like I am 25 with the thoughts in my head and the excitement... !!

Woke up so fucking horny!! Think it’s because I spend so much time on here seeing all of you sexy ladies and wanting you all !!!

Here is a profile using Paige Owens a well known pornstar. I have messaged her but she still keeps posting. So guys watch out for this one. She goes by Jane

Thank you to all the real profiles for being you!! There are some amazing real ones out there !!

Two more fakes called out ... Trying to be Dani Torres and Gabbie Carter. It only takes a simple photo search to find out.

On a brighter not just saw a post from someone truly amazing!! She is more than any one us could ask for.... Hope she sees this... Thank you for being you!!

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Guys this is Lana Rhoades. She is a very famous pornstar and unfortunately every scammer tries to be her.

To all that try to use Lana Rhoades pics I have made it my mission to report each one I see... use your own pics... be you not someone else. The only ones that use these pics are scammers!!

Thank you to all the real profiles with legit pics!!! Ladies I hope you can appreciate me pointing out the fakes.

Another fake profile, called her out and now she gone .... crazy how that goes lol! I will continue to thank all the real profiles out there. Just be you... the only one using fake pics are scammers of some sort.

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Reminded again today of the fake profiles... I didn’t know who Shelby Bilby was until today. She definitely is not posting here lol!

Reverse photo search is a great tool!!

Thank you again to all the REAL PROFILES!!!

There are some amazing ladies out there!!

The fake profiles are going strong right now. I called out two of the via direct messaging. One with Mia Malkova pics and the other with Ava Adams.

This has to annoy more than just me ...

To all the Real Ones out there , THANK YOU for being YOU!!!

So many beautiful ladies out there!! Just wish there were less fake profiles and using pics from others.

Losing my mind today!! OMG!! All the ladies I follow have incredible pics and could be more than any guys fantasy!!

I am so fucking horny today .... OMG!! I follow the most beautiful ladies!!

I am so fucking horny today I am losing my mind!!! So many beautiful ladies out there!!

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