Annoyed. If your ego is fragile you shouldn’t be in an open relationship.

So I made a trip to Walmart tonight & I got my favorite truffle parm mac n cheese. I head to self checkout & this lady starts asking me very loudly if I’ve had it before. I state yes & she goes off on this crazy tangent about how she tried it & it smelt & and tasted worse & blah blah blah.

The first thing I thought was this bitch needs a more refined pallet.

Alas no matter how much I blew it off she wouldn’t stop... that is until one of her co-workers told her to stop being obnoxious😂😂😂

Flavored lube is technically meat seasoning 🤷🏾‍♀️

GENTLEMEN ! Post FOSTA, It is truly UNBELIEVABLE how many of you are making things much more difficult for yourselves. When you make contact and text or email off a laundry list of menu services, YOU ARE INCRIMINATING YOURSELVES. Professional providers do NOT need you to repeat or "confirm" what you read in a review, etc. Providers CAN NOT reply to, much less EVER SEE YOU without placing ALL PARTIES at immediate & unnecessary RISK. Please STOP EXPLICIT CONTACT ! FCL, please use common sense.


I have bonus availability TONIGHT, Wednesday. I’ll be around 6-midnight. Email me to pre-book!

If you miss me tonight, you can catch me at my regularly scheduled time on Thursday... availability starts at 7pm. Book now!

Review from Erotic Monkey:
"... I walked back to my car with a smile on face and my legs shaking...just had the ride of my life!! No 2 sessions have been the same except to say that every time has been better and hotter."
Available tonight.

Location: Menlo Park, California
Contact: 650-395-7014

Good Morning Switter 💗💗 Just wanted to say hi lol..... Remember if you want to hit up a girl who loves to do phonesex and sexting, Or even exchange nudes and much more, Just message me and we can go from there 😇

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