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Cashmeets in Portland tomorrow and Wednesday, only with a deposit. IF W/we have sessioned in the past and you’re vaxxed to the max.

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Then after he started to emotionally manipulate Me and make Me feel bad for not asking how he’s “feeling” when I as all My subs how they’re doing each day. Slowly but surely he did exactly what I thought he would do to Me

So yes, I will warn others to prevent this heartache.

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I told him all he was was just a pretty boy cause he had a pretty face and he wanted Me to call him that 🙄

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@QueenChandrelle@twitter.com Wait, his twitter was "Goddess Chandrelle's pretty boy"....did you name him that?

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I thought I deleted all his pics but found a few while scrolling so figured I’d put out another PSA.

He always tried acting sexy which was so nauseating. Men who think they are hot hey on My nerves.

Then I realized he was a narcissist so no wonder he had a bigger ego that I did

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Don’t even want his ugly face on My profile, but I know he’s trying to prey on someone else now

Never fuck with this Joey bitch.

Con artist as a motherfucker 🤮

Seeks out FLRs, but is emotionally manipulative and abusive.

I’ll never stop exposing him so he can’t fuck another Woman over ever again.

Cashmeets in Portland tomorrow and Wednesday, only with a deposit. IF W/we have sessioned in the past and you’re vaxxed to the max.

If you claim to want to be Mine you have no excuse to not be sending every day I’m away on My trip

Servitude doesn’t end when I go offline, just as it doesn’t start once I announce I’m awake

The sub I want serves unwavering

They’re completely loyal & devoted

They’re all Mine

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Throwback to when I first moved in this house and had hardly any plants, but an “x” burn mark on My ass from the heater in the bathroom 😂

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What have you accomplished to make Me happy or smile recently?

If it takes you more than a second to think of anything or recall the last time then it's not enough.

Never stop trying.

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Sure, I love having control and having you take My orders etc.

When it comes to tributes though? That’s when I love when a sub takes initiative. My best subs never have to be told to send.

They just know how to treat Me well & that’s why those are the subs I value most

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Imagine seeing Me walking down the aisle at the grocery store in My skin tight leggings.

You’d be weak as fuck. Kinda like you’re feeling right now, huh? Give in to it.





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