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Current situation.

I think I need my rain boots y'all. Or a boat. Geez
I❤️HTX it just always does the most, and everything is definitely bigger in Texas.

Political Nihilism has never achieved anything and offers nothing to anyone. Likewise a "ruthless critique of everything existing" only achieves political inertia and smug satisfaction in armchair theorists as the world around them falls apart. How comfortable it is to criticise everyone else for trying to make the world a better place in which we find it, and how paralysing it must be to be afraid of having the same done to you. If you're not making mistakes you're not making anything.


When enjoying the interactions online or in person, keep in mind...

We sometimes overwhelmingly endure much. Whether it is great wealth or great poverty or greatness of happy or the greatest sadness.

...We put aside whatever life has dealt us at any given moment to give you a part of us selflessly.

Sometimes it is nice to know we are appreciated no matter how big or small.

I absolutely would love to one day own some really nice lingerie.

Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, etc.... I LOVE 3 piece garter sets....

A girl can dream, right?

ATTENTION I noticed on the District Clerk website there have been a good number people who have allegedly engaged in some form of prostitution.

I am not accusing anyone of anything, to be clear, I peruse the site about once every few days to see what Johnny Law has been focusing on. Our industry has been quiet the last few months but not in the last few weeks. HOPE THIS HELPS ANYONE WHO READS IT!!

Most recent addition to the lick it list, right in my own backyard. You can find a new treasure in NOLA every day.

Search them out. You will book a date.. But remember what I say everyday. Book early, Book often and Respect Respect Respect
You donation is not permission to be a Dick.

"Lick it list"

"Lick it again"

Note to self: Self, plan trip to Dsllas in next couple weeks. To see @Stephanie1

It won’t be this weekend, I have a hot time scheduled with a lil red firecracker @PrincessPoison that I’ve wanting to have for desert for several weeks now.

Thank you Ms. are the matron Courtesan. That’s a pretty thorough and representative explanation.

Have a Sxxxy Evening!

Switterville, the following is my list of premium classy ladies. Life is too short to not have a list of your own. If these ladies pass through your city support them and enjoy your time with them.
Step 1. Book early
Step 2. Book multiple hours, it's nice to get to know the ladies too.
Step 3. Tie your date into breakfast, lunch or dinner.

"Lick it List" 1-12-19

"Lick it again list"

I just wanted to take a step back and say THANK YOU to the wonderful gentlemen who I am lucky to call my friends. I hate the term "client" because you guys are more than that to me. I have developed so many unique and beautiful friendships with people I have met in this industry, and you guys are great!! So, thank you for everything, my life has been changed for the better in every way so thank you all for the love and support!!

Boost this if y'all have AWESOME clients, too!❤️

Switter world 5 months ago this beautiful lady asked for help to 10k followers. I’m disappointed, she follows and supports over 37k members of this site. If 10% more of the people she follows alone would follow her. She will exceed her goal. She asked this 5 months ago. I’m asking that we do it before Monday. Let’s rock her world, she enjoys rocking yours. @PrincessPoison

Hey and .... I have a very beautiful lady who is dying to accompany me on a date or two, if there are any takers for the evening or weekend...

**WARNING***Be fully prepared to have your mind blown, we are VERY ready and very eager for some playtime!

Message or text me for details, .

"Girlfriend Experience" versus "Porn Star" Experience defined quite nicely!

Check it out you guys!

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