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Don't piss off a redhead! 

Potential client tonight tells me, exact words...
"Good luck getting any business no one is going to pay those rates"... Hmph...
I CHOOSE my clients, I screen, and I turn down a lot more than I accept. Quality over quantity. Gents, just because you make contact doesn't guarantee they will be into you. Personal preference. If you are paying that little for services, better get off EROS and go down to Bissonnet or Airline with that bs. The audacity. Sw is so extra rn. 🤓

If you are looking for some industry related entertainment, check out a show on Netflix called "Bonding". A grad student works as a sec worker and it's HILARIOUS!

You can thank me later, gator.


Thanks for the love have, and check out her profile she's super cute!

Is anyone alive out there?

You know, I saw some guy in "the hobby" posted on a popular website about $40 pussy, bitching about how the prices have gone up for a good time blah blah blah.

I understand that not everyone can afford the higher rates, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT. Personally, I do not care for having average clients, I cater to the of a higher social status. . Not interested in a client who's f*ucked every girl around, nigga that's why you broke.
Not all money is good money.

I follow you....

You follow me back!!!

Trying to get to 10,000 followers help me out you guys!! This shouldn't be too hard with 200,000+ members, congrats btw to @switter, almost tripled the number of members since I first started here. 😮😮😮🤪


Are you asking if I am real? Last I checked, yes. With skin and everything.

@PrincessPoison thanks for the follow/friendship Viv! U are now the Switterette that has the highest number of followers that I have ever seen 7,400+! Congrats Baby its gotta be that Azz. Gorgeous 🍑 Absolutely Gorgeous!😝

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