"Girlfriend Experience" versus "Porn Star" Experience defined quite nicely!

Check it out you guys!

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@PrincessPoison the only problem I see is the end, I don't think that most ladies are going to be ok with the compensation being received at the end of the date. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that's settled at the beginning. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would never expect services rendered before payment is due. Just my 2cents worth :-)


I have recently dealt with this issue. I have never had a problem taking the donation at the end, I am usually decent at reading people and I am lucky to have only ran into this problem once. I won't let one bad seed ruin it for me though. I understand some gentleman are hesitant of giving the money up front, for several reasons. I have heard some horror stories about some experiences... And I like my clients to know I'm not here to just take their money. I want a mutual benefit.

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