I find it incredibly tacky when a client..... FORMER client....shorts me money. ladies if you want info on it please message me.

And it was a member....

The proper etiquette in this case is most definitely to not discuss money at all, my rate is my rate for a reason, and although I do not mind it being left post-rendevouz, I expect it to all be there. AND I fell down my stairs right after that. Stupid hump day. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ouch!

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@PrincessPoison sorry that happened to you!! That's jus messed up. Those feet tho! 🀀. Hope to see you in Dallas one day!! 😍


I will be there soon, and you will definitely hear from me when I come up there,!

@PrincessPoison I would love to hear from you!!! Until then..😘😍😍


Poor baby, I wish Daddy was there to make it better



Lol indeed, where are you located? Forgive me if you have told me already 😊

@PrincessPoison Any possibility it was an accident? I have had some mishaps but always caught it myself and resolved it. More than once, my head was spinning so much I left before remembering an important part of the process.

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