Is there ANYONE left in because it's like a ghost town on my phone today....

Who wants to take me out on a boat or to do something fun this weekend??

I know it's dangerous seeing as how I am a redhead, but I promise I won't get sunburned in 5 minutes....... Maybe like 20 though....

Just kidding but I want to have some fun and everything is so lately!

Happy Memorial Day weekend . I'll be ready with my bikini and my sunblock if anyone needs a sexy friend!! Call me!

@PrincessPoison Yes, but I'll have to wait until I'm I'm Houston again.

@PrincessPoison I hear Alberto will be visiting many on the gulf coast this Memorial Day weekend.❤️

@PrincessPoison He's the tropical storm that's going to dump tons of rain on us this weekend, at least here on the east side of the gulf, and he's currently headed to NOLA. Get your boots out @phoenixx.

@phoenixx @MrRoadWarrior

Me too, but I've had them since Harvey..... Well actually since before that, really you are crazy to not own a pair of rain boots in ..... It's not like anything is ever moderate here, so I plan for a good just about every time it rains. I ❤️ HTX

Hope they treatin’ you right in the H.


Excellent beautiful, that’s good to hear. Me, I’m living the dream.

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