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I take mines sweet with chocolate, a lil cinnamon spiced and everything nice...

Also, please add lots of whipped cream with a cherry on top.💋


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Was on a date during lunch today and while the provider was performing a bj she kept sniffing. I ask if she had a cold. She had the most honest answer, which shocked me. Her answer was "no cold, my nose runs due to snorting too much coke". 😲 🙈 Uh, yeah OK.

These providers work so hard to present themselves perfectly when all we want is you to be who you are. Gimmie a provider with blemishes, stretch marks, that will curse your ass out and is down to earth over these artificial ones.

I’m IvyGorgeousVIP, your incredible South American companion ❤️ Upscale hosting is available by appointment in Outcall with advance notice to surrounding cities

Location: Sacramento, CA
Contact: 916-905-3847 or

@lickkittytime You flaked on me, again! I will no longer be replying back to you. Sorry but it was one to many times. Best of luck to you

booking now for .

this week is p full but have some spots.

next week is open!n see

this month im highlighting fantasy and for scorpio season

I am available now in Wilmington, North Carolina, United States! To contact me, visit


😺✏ — People tend to remember the more extravagant I post because they are shiny and pleasingly fantastical…

Me: Could you pack me up a bowl perty please?
Riley: Already packed!!!
Me: That's my favorite fucking answer!

Best road trip buddy ever 😍

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