Does anyone know of alternatives for...?
• Non-US web browser
• Non-US free Video and Picture Editor (can be 2 separate downloads)
• Non-US version of Skype (some people have suggested VIBER let me know your thoughts)

Email will be switched soon and I will be closing my Gmail, Skype and Microsoft accounts I have associated with SW. I will have my Twitter, Proton Mail and Switter (as well as my cam and video sites).

Keep in touch with me and we'll adjust through these interesting times! 😚💕


Browser: use Firefox. Can be configured to be very secure.

Skype: use Signal. Best of breed encrypted texting AND video.

@PiperKush a few suggestions.

Use Firefox as your browser. It can be configured to be very safe.

Us Signal for texting and video chat. It uses best of breed encryption. End to end and no tracking of meta-data.

@PiperKush Tox is a very good for one-on-one communication, imho. Both video and text.
(Skype has been crap for years.)

@PiperKush I looked at #viber once on the suggestion of a Russian friend and declined to put it on my phone. That was a while ago so it'd be worth it to read the privacy policy now, but my impression was that it's yet another data harvester disguised as a social app.

My friend and I use Signal now, which does have a desktop client which is a bit more limited than the phone apps. Sadly Signal is tied to a phone number, though there are ways around using the number on your SIM card...

@deutrino @PiperKush wire has the same encryption as signal, but also has a desktop client, and allows auth via email address. we use wire a lot.

@PiperKush If you're looking for a messenger that's explicitly non-US try #Threema. Unfortunately it doesn't do video yet, just text and voice. But their infrastructure and legal base is in Switzerland. Security is similar to Signal but it also works without a phone number.

@PiperKush are you looking for a desktop or mobile apps? And why browser has to be non-US?

Due to the changes in US law (sesta/fosta).
Because of these changes they are now holding websites accountable for their users and what they do on their perspective sites. Microsoft, Google, and many others have changed their TOS. Now, many US sites are checking your usage to see if its associated to sex work or even "offensive language".

The idea of the law was to prevent sex trafficking - it just pushes sex trafficking further underground while porn performers, camgirls, escorts and multitudes of sex workers without a space to screen clients or promote their businesses. In many cases these are legal sex workers.

@PiperKush thank you, I already now all of this. But I was asking specifically about browsers, wasn't I?

I was answering why not a US-based browser. I'm glad that you're already aware.

@PiperKush (I'm sorry if I'm rude)
You said that websites are responsible but browsers aren't?..

Excuse me, I may have misspoke. The corporations behind these sites (and browsers as far as I'm aware) are being held responsible for the actions of their users. In order to be responsible they will have to monitor what its being used for.

I'm Canadian and my profession of making clips and being a camgirl is entirely legal here. I want nothing to do with this Big brother approach!

@PiperKush ah, that's the missing part, if browsers are responsible for the actions of their users (which is super weird IMO) it makes sense

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