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Relaxed Cum available on

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I am now doing shows via Wire! Book a cam date with me by sending me an email to to arrange details!

420 - Cannabis Use! 

πŸ’š HAPPY 420 MY FELLOW POT HEADS! I love marijuana for recreational and medicinal reasons! I'd you ever want to chat about edibles - they are a passion of mine. Let's trade recipes? πŸ’š

I'm thinking of starting a life coaching business.

My first online course is called "How to disagree without being a Cunt" the idea of the class is to teach people that they dont have to agree to enjoy a conversation or debate. Keynote: "You're an idiot" is actually not a quantifiable rebuttal.

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It's actually entirely possible that we will hit 420,000 toots today.

Please don't disappoint me, Switter!

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@PiperKush If you're looking for a messenger that's explicitly non-US try #Threema. Unfortunately it doesn't do video yet, just text and voice. But their infrastructure and legal base is in Switzerland. Security is similar to Signal but it also works without a phone number.

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@PiperKush I looked at #viber once on the suggestion of a Russian friend and declined to put it on my phone. That was a while ago so it'd be worth it to read the privacy policy now, but my impression was that it's yet another data harvester disguised as a social app.

My friend and I use Signal now, which does have a desktop client which is a bit more limited than the phone apps. Sadly Signal is tied to a phone number, though there are ways around using the number on your SIM card...

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@PiperKush Tox is a very good for one-on-one communication, imho. Both video and text.
(Skype has been crap for years.)

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@PiperKush a few suggestions.

Use Firefox as your browser. It can be configured to be very safe.

Us Signal for texting and video chat. It uses best of breed encryption. End to end and no tracking of meta-data.

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released a page with links to safety tips including online screening but, importantly, tips for working offline including street based work

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Does anyone know of alternatives for...?
β€’ Non-US web browser
β€’ Non-US free Video and Picture Editor (can be 2 separate downloads)
β€’ Non-US version of Skype (some people have suggested VIBER let me know your thoughts)

Email will be switched soon and I will be closing my Gmail, Skype and Microsoft accounts I have associated with SW. I will have my Twitter, Proton Mail and Switter (as well as my cam and video sites).

Keep in touch with me and we'll adjust through these interesting times! πŸ˜šπŸ’•

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If you want people to find you and your content, use hashtags in your introductory/pinned posts. Don't put too much or irrelevant hashtags. For example,

We're looking at ways to improve discoverability but if you don't have basic information like where you are, it's very difficult for people to find you!

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Support your favorite trans sex workers today by paying us and buying us a gift or two to show appreciation. (Multiple that by the other 364 days a year and repeat.) ✨

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I follow back everyone on Switter. So, if you're 18+ and you follow me but I haven't seen it yet - don't be shy and let me know!

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It’s super hard to find people here so boost and/or comment if you’re a sex worker so we can find people easier? I follow back all sex workers :)

@Assjoblover13 just an FYI they don't allow nudity in your AVI here and they do tend to remove accounts with them! πŸ’•

Adult Content - NEW video preview! #XXX #NSFW 

NEW VIDEO Dirty Talking Slut Tease And Cum!

I have a naughty mouth while I whip, paddle and tease my pussy. Making it nice and sensitive before plunging my vibrating toy inside for you!

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If we hit 100 follows today I’ll post a slow motion soapy shower twerk video on here for you guys!! BOOOST THA HECK OUTTA THIS! *video quality will be better than this photo*

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Today is . I just want all my fellow trans* sex workers to know you are valued, your choices are valid, and your expression of gender is beautiful.

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I discovered firsthand that Grindr has now banned people from using the word "porn" in their profile. Porn performers can no longer merely state their occupation. This serves no purpose other than to stigmatize sex workers through erasure and ostracization

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