Big project in wrapping up this week and looking to reward myself with a treat this Sat/Sun. How early in advance is reasonable to request an appointment for this weekend? Most girls I’ve talked to don’t plan out more than a day or so.

Job just gave me a big project in . Looking forward to spending some time with the beautiful providers in sin city.

Very annoyed. My provider i scheduled with went dark on me this morning. Now I’m just sitting here fresh, clean, and getting blue balls.

Quick overnighter in 1/24-1/25. Booked at GVR and looking for any recommendations on a reliable provider to set up with.

Packing for a quick trip fri/sat. First since BP went down. Fingers crossed I can find some great company with a comfortable incall.

Two providers just straight flaked on me (one even had a good record of always being reliable with me).
Whatever — just need to fill that void and I’m excited to be searching again.


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