Older generous communicative & consensual subbish & motivated. Madison ave & mid 50s. Screening friendly. Sensual. Fetish friendly. Photos available

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Delta gave me an extra night in
How should I use it? ;)
I prob need help to relax.

Older visiting and looking for company tonight. Let’s talk.

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looking for a to help get and to the parade to march with got folks looking for a ride from and to please get in touch if you want to help with rides/$ for ubers Teamclearheels413@protonmail.com

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Dearest dudes😘
My Switter feed moves fast!😬 I have to answer you on immediately or it becomes difficult to answer at you all.😟

However, b/c this is my work I feel I have to check it periodically while doing other things. But then I end up in online all day, not spending time on friends/fam/school, & not making $ off here to help myself or them out.

Saying hi & an exchange or two is 🆒, but I limit online b/c offline life matters to me! My established clients appreciate how present I am, too!💖

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Where are folks posting in addition to here?

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When you text/email me and say ‘I’m hard for you come take care of it’ I’m not gonna respond. Seriously. Until you give me two references with a name and number... I’m not giving you the time of day 🙄

On the other hand. Send me a text/email with your name, mentioning the ad, and references so I can screen you... well then we’ll be in business 😏😏

Traveling soon. Tampa, Denver, Boston (Lexington), Portsmouth, Hells Kitchen, Brooklyn I do hate being stressed lonely.

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RT @bareftgoddess@twitter.com: SWers are everywhere. We’re the joggers you pass every morning, we’re the neighbors you wave to down the street, we’re the people you sit next to in class, we’re teachers, we’re parents, we’re professionals, we’re PEOPLE.

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