Do I have any lovely gents following me from London, UK? I’ll be visiting for a very brief trip.

RT Please!

- - Edgware Rd
14 June 16:00-22:00
15 June 11:00-16:00
16 June 11:00-22:00

I’ll be with you at the very end of June. DM for exact date and rates*

I can’t wait to discover the city by your hands on my body! ⚡️ 😉

Prebooking is open!
Don’t wait to much.

Hi!! I’m a mature companion in my mid 40s with young looks. Teasing and sensuality are my specialty, passionate flings or a sweet, long term personal connection. 35+ only men, women, couples welcome!

Available from 12-10 most days of the week, no Thurs.
If you have references, it’s helpful. 24 hrs notice, light screening.
See my website for all the details

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We need to screen ladies and better than before. Our safety and sanity is not worth any amount of $$

Screen screen screen, so many crazy guys tried to meet with me since Bp of seizure. But little do they know I’m a “pro” hoe and don’t just meet anyone.

Hoping comes up with some booking and/or screening method on here.
Possibly a blacklist for providers to use and contribute to.

It’s crazy in our industry right now. And more dangerous than before!

We want to be a friendly instance in the fediverse!

Remember to flag your NSFW text content by clicking the "CW" button in the compose toot box, and flag your NSFW image content by making sure the eye icon to the left of "CW" button has a strike through it (screenshot attached)

Also, please keep your avatars and header images SFW until we can figure out a way to prevent people who don't/shouldn't see them from potentially seeing them.

If you see someone not doing this, please let them know!

Switter should be treated just like any other network. Messages are not encrypted so please make sure you are not sharing personal details you don't want exposed.

Ok this looks better than the web version. I downloaded Tootdon from the App Store. Looks similar to twitter app

Hey everyone! Mark your media as sensitive through Preferences. Apparently due to the fact that instances link together, our NSFW content has been showing up in other areas that could expose minors or people who do not want to view it, to our content.


Contact info: Best way to reach me is via my website, I'll also be keeping my gmail & there will be a protonmail soon too 😏


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