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If you switch to protonmail, PAY FOR IT. It's everyone wanting everything for free that got us into this mess! You can afford $48pa.

Cracker has closed.

I am outraged for my fellow sex workers for having their livelihoods further squandered by unresearched and illegitimate governments.

For everyone who operates in my key markets HK and Singapore. Please reply with your photo and details. I will RT.

Who would like an non US backpage open to US SW? Happy to build it but I think it needs to be run (front of house) by an activist SW. And one who lives in an SW legal jurisdiction. All this chaos is an opportunity for SW to grab the gateways for themselves. Take it. PM me if interested.

I loved linux. Only went back to PC because Vegas video editing. Linux has video editing, but I liked Vegas too much.

Filming clips!
Any models going to who wanna make a few vids together DM me ✨

Amazon Gift Cards - when you get these do you spend them or convert them for money on an exchange. If the latter, what do you lose 10%?20% more?

Hey be careful putting your number out there or communicating through text. You should be using signal to encrypt your texts or something like telegram or wire to keep everything off the record. SMS texts are easily subpoenaed by cops!!!! Happy to give you a tutorial if you want one.

Anyone here using Ripple? I am currently experimenting and it looks good. Two wallets, instant transfers. Using Toast Wallet (one on each account on my PC).

Just discovered that urls on here need the http or https before them.
Perhaps the admins will get round to fixing that little pesky problem?

@Amymaymay ⚠️⚠️⚠️ do not use the Tootdon app! users have discovered that they store copies of your messages on their servers, which is v creepy and weird. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

My desire to work on my site is fighting my large lunch. Napping might win..

Bakewell tart recipe has been nailed. Cooling on the rack as a I speak. Sex and Food are my main interests :-) So, anyone near me want to shoot some porn later. I can bring cake 😃

have stated that explicit is allowed, but escort promotion is not.

Given that any lawyer would say that an escort posting adult content IS promoting her wider biz, OF escorts should consider themselves in borrowed time. If reported, hard for OF to keep you.

Pure porn people however should be fine.

2 girls doing content Friday 6th April in Manchester. Need camera person, ideally a local certed porn girl as = more content 🙂

RT You are a SWer if you do domination.

You are a SWer if you do cam work.

You are a SWer if you are a stripper.

You are a SWer if you do financial domination.

You are a SWer if you are a sugar baby.

You don’t have to have sex for money to be a sex worker the term is broad.

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