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Exploring allowing US escorts on my new site. To avoid FOSTA/SESTA issues seems I need to establish that i am dealing with a genuine independent escort. To do that I will need to ask for ID and send a confirm letter to address on the ID. I am EU based and EU servers with EU company. All data would be held in EU under GDPR, so private short of major international police case. Would US escorts want such a service? Feedback please.

Dear prospective clients-- it can be challenging to search and find what you're looking for just using an app. Point your browser to and you can do a refined search for city and service.

Please boost this post to help clients find us!

Incels - the way to get redistribution of sex is to offer a redistribution of your money. Simples.

VAT - clip sites payouts may be reduced by VAT being applied to WHOLE SALES VALUE. This can make percentages misleading if VAT aspects not properly explained.

Just when i thought Crypto was getting nicely dull I find that I'm up 70%. Which is nice, but currencies need to be boring to be useful. Grr.

SW - switter is a place where it is "free to talk" but if your jurisdiction is one where SW is illegal, it's not one where "talk is safe" IF that talk is soliciting talk.

Apparently most guys can't find the G-spot. There must be market for "G-spot instruction" at, oh $X per hour, 1-2-1 basis, practical exam at the end, natch :-)

Law enforcement (esp USA) are clearly monitoring Twitter and Switter. Be careful advertising locations where LE are actively anti SW.

Check your FB settings - what sites and apps have access to your data. Me, none.

Scary proposal re info and data sharing in EU. Could affect the ability for escort ad sites to accept ads from SW in EU countries where SW or promotion of SW carries a possible 3 year sentence. It's a PROPOSAL ONLY for now. But be aware.

Drafting my guide for escorts to advertise on my new site, includes :-
SESTA/FOSTA and other US laws. We are NOT in the USA. We are not subject to USA laws. We are not subject to CLOUD because your data is not on a US company host.


If you live somewhere where escorting is illegal, be aware that your local law enforcement people could find you here and then seek to entrap you.

The 2nd applies to any site. Be careful.

Off to Paris this weekend. Making porn in Paris. Sweet 😞

Happy to sell Ripple to those who want to experiment without joining an exchange.

CLOUD act. US citizens stuff fair game if held on a US company service ANYWHERE. But GDPR MAY protect if in EU. and do read the comments - the audience is the IT people who deal with this...

Off to Paris at the weekend. To be in some sexy French porn. April in Paris, Paris in the Springtime, porn in Paris, and art galleries. I'm all cliche this week 🙂

Tip of the day. All SW should experiment with BTC and Ripple. Get Wallets. With payment systems closing to adult, be prepared.

20,000 users 🤩🤩

Literally blown away

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