@Emmakay because professors, like SW, charge what the market will bear. And, being professors, they are all "high class" 😉

@Moneykavegas join the fight back dirtyfunpeople.com/dfp7/web/co - DFP is starting as UK, so won't be much use for getting clients, but as a shared repository of avoidable idiots, priceless :-)

dirtyfunpeople.com welcomes escorts. Also, we have a the solution to timeswasters , so if you have EVER whinged about timewasters, act and whinge no more :-) dirtyfunpeople.com/dfp7/web/co

@IncessusMortuus Bob's don't see the list, and most will never even know it exists. But anyone who submits a Bob is taking on the liability for doing so truthfully. A full Bob actually tracks ALL the info that is known, but that is really for Bob's who are crossing into potentially or actually dangerous.

@IncessusMortuus the first one was called Bob. Bob screen is based on last 4 digits of Bob phone number. If a match, SW can let us have the full suspect number and we can Yes/No. Can't allow full number searches as a typo would hurt the innocent.

@IncessusMortuus it's from a SW friend. She calls all the idiots Bob and has them in her phone as Bob, hence, Bob List. I have hit on the 4 digits solution as preserves privacy, prevents doxxing and has a low false positive rate re chance. (1 in 10/000)

Glad you liked it - hope we will see you on dirtyfunpeople.com soon, (can't advertise US escorts yet, but the Bob List you can use). Cheers, Paul

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Glad you liked it - hope we will see you on dirtyfunpeople.com soon, (can't advertise US escorts yet, but the Bob List you can use). Cheers, Paul

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I have added timewaster avoidance to dirtyfunpeople.com - you add your idiot numbers to a Bob List, and then everyone can avoid them. While respecting privacy of even the Bob's.

Dirtyfunpeople.com is in soft roll out. Considering adding a "blacklisted numbers" section so that people can avoid timewasters and idiots. Boost if like.

in 2006 as a networking/connecting site for Uk porn people. 3000+ members, and it's still FREE.

Now developing DirtyFunPeople.com - open to escorts, though US escorts can't advertise yet pending legal advice, (but do join as I expect to offer ads later).

Not a US person, not a US site.

Crypto - some banks won't let you buy with CC. But no banks complain about money coming in from crypto conversions.

Feedback sought. Fosta/Sesta compliance means I need to know real ID's and link payment to ID, to ensure that escorts pay only their own ads, and are of age. EU law means this data is NOT shared, (not even retained on servers). Acceptable?

Welcome my new followers. I'm quiet atm, working on new site

@realmisterundo true. But in this context, it's all business - bookings, content sales, cam shows etc. Needs to be off banking (prudes) but on books (accounts). Cheers

@realmisterundo I'm going to pass on Monero. Not seeking to be more private than normal banking, and suspect using Monero could paint a big "taxman audit me" target on me. I follow rules but don't want the aggro.

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