I have added timewaster avoidance to dirtyfunpeople.com - you add your idiot numbers to a Bob List, and then everyone can avoid them. While respecting privacy of even the Bob's.


Glad you liked it - hope we will see you on dirtyfunpeople.com soon, (can't advertise US escorts yet, but the Bob List you can use). Cheers, Paul

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Every time I read 'Bob List' I read it as: 'Big Ol' Bitch List'. I'm not sure if that was your intention, but it's definitely what I see.

@IncessusMortuus it's from a SW friend. She calls all the idiots Bob and has them in her phone as Bob, hence, Bob List. I have hit on the 4 digits solution as preserves privacy, prevents doxxing and has a low false positive rate re chance. (1 in 10/000)


Heh, I appreciate you for doing that because of a friend. Why does She call them Bob though?

The 4 digits solution?

@IncessusMortuus the first one was called Bob. Bob screen is based on last 4 digits of Bob phone number. If a match, SW can let us have the full suspect number and we can Yes/No. Can't allow full number searches as a typo would hurt the innocent.


It sucks how easy it is to get a new number. I appreciate that it's a verification system, not just some kind of post and forget thing.

I'm assuming that it's one sided and Bob's don't see the list, but if there is some kinda objection, how do you handle it?

@IncessusMortuus Bob's don't see the list, and most will never even know it exists. But anyone who submits a Bob is taking on the liability for doing so truthfully. A full Bob actually tracks ALL the info that is known, but that is really for Bob's who are crossing into potentially or actually dangerous.

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