Girls, get crypto wallets. Incoming funds charges, cents. If all the girls start taking crypto, the guys will soon have the wallets to pay for it. Safer than carrying cash. Doesn't upset PayPal or Circle.

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@ashleymadness @PaulJonesAIR I’m just concerned because it’s changing value constantly....isn’t it? Or am I misinformed?

@AlainaFox @PaulJonesAIR That's true! So is USD and so is the value of the promises your bank makes you.

It is possible to use crypto just for transactions and keep in USD or other currency except for the few hours you need it to do business.

Having been using Bitcoin for over 8 years it feels like it slowly appreciates not like it booms and busts. Do not think of it like a penny stock think of it like you accept payment in digital diamonds.

@AlainaFox not a problem if you just keep pulling it out to fiat every time you get a few hundred. Exchange rate volatility only matters if you hold a lot for a long time. Don't do that unless you want to be an investor.

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