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My 4/20 evening has been well spent being high af in the company of good vibes, ‘weird’ music, and beautiful half-naked women. I am the happiest lady on Earth with no complaints whatsoever 🌿😤😙🤗

“No man who ever set a course of genuinely exploring a woman's mind and protecting her heart has ever had to chase what's between her thighs.”

Good morning Switter friends due to recent drama a new chat room has been created for your enjoyment if you would like the link and the password please let me know it is open to everyone but no drama and no pimps will be tolerated


It is Lao New Years for me🎉🍾
Happy Lao, Cambodian, Khmu New Years!!

‪People who think their money means anything positive or noteworthy about themselves amuse Me endlessly. 😂😂😂 all that money and yet they’re still so fucking worthless without it. Some people are so poor all they have is money, lmfao 🤣🤣🤣‬

The thing with & is that the whole initiative mixes bullshit with diamonds and calls it justice.

FUN FACT: I am actually *reeeeally* good at mathematics when I seriously apply myself to it. I even really enjoy it then. I enjoyed my first calculus class. But I haven’t made math a serious part of my path bc... I don’t know why. I just don’t have time for mathematics in my life right now. 🤷🏼‍♀️➗

I do not know if I've ever mentioned that I'm in the outskirts of & I definitely want to follow anyone who is also from here 🙂 💋 🙏🏻 🌸

Screening is required. It’s harmless, I promise. ☺️

Trust your struggles ladies all will be well at all times stay safe and stay aware stay mindful and stay humble this is only the beginning as hard as it is right now for some it’s just as hard for clients to get to you try to make yourself available and advertise in the proper correct manner

For Me, sex is an art form and sex work is a dream job 🌸

I'm hearing about more assaults and SWers going missing. Ladies please be careful. I know things are super rough right now, but screening is crazy important. If you cannot verify with verifiable references and/or P411, PLEASE require a work verification or something. There are a lot of dangerous scumbags out there looking to take advantage of this situation. I have a bunch of references and even I'm willing to undergo a work verification during this time. Legit clients will understand.

I may come off a bit intimidating- but I'm honestly a sweetheart until you piss Me off.

Client: "How do I know you are not LE?"

Dude, I'm an Asian GFE provider who doesn't offer anal or bbbj, who screens and requests deposits, ignores messages like 'r u avail' or 'oral how much' and expects her potential clients to read her website and introduce themselves with more than 3 word sentences. If I wanted to entrap men, would I paint myself into such a niche that it cuts out 80% of the existing client pool?

Okay, I quickly hacked together a way to search listings. It's very primitive but it's something.

This is subject to change! Please refer to to see how to make a toot that appears on the list.

Please boost and share.

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