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Current limited access to non-urgent medical care plus the stress of the global pandemic and its many impacts plus blatant ablism in healthcare (and everywhere) means that people with chronic illness are struggling right now. Check in on your disabled friends❤️

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"Perhaps if implemented and expanded years ago, MySafe would have not only prevented many deaths from opioid poisoning but also better protected the Downtown Eastside in the current COVID-19 crisis."

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"I wish people who represent marginalized communities would be more understanding about the rest of society" is something someone recently said about me.

To clarify: my job is not to make you feel comfortable about perpetuating oppressive structures, my job is to burn them down.

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Our colleague Maurice has written about how LGBTQ+ citizens, like himself, have experienced social distance and isolation for decades. "Much of the world is now experiencing what marginalized groups have endured for years." Read here: 76crimes.com/2020/04/06/social

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"How could hundreds of hotel rooms be enough when Vancouver has more than 2,000 homeless people?" @JeanSwanson_@twitter.com We need hotel rooms for all unhoused people in Vancouver now.

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We need to house people who are homeless in hotels now! My piece in the Georgia Straight: straight.com/news/jean-swanson

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There is nothing inevitable about ushering in some new world. Crises often bring out best of mutual aid and community care models, but that alone doesnt defeat state crackdowns, othering narratives of fear, entrenchment of inequality & isolationist/individualist dogma.

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We have called for the state to lift all eligibility requirements for EI and related benefits, so that everyone in Canada, no matter why or how long they have been unemployed, and no matter their citizenship status or age, get access to the same income level without qualification twitter.com/IglikaIvanova/stat

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"It puts into sharp relief the fact that this is about everybody. If we don't address this directly and practically, the middle class will continue to have to socially isolate and fall apart economically," Ward said. via @cbcnewsbc@twitter.com

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Last night, shortly after a group of unhoused people occupied a vacant surrey community centre to begin self-isolation, RCMP forcibly removed them. Is this a legal response during multiple public health emergencies?
Read our letter: pivotlegal.org/statement_hotho

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To be clear, as it has come up. UM recommends following the Gov directions re , which are in place for public health reasons. Most of our members are doing so. However, to members still doing in-person sex work, we are still here for you.

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LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND! e must demand collective responses that leave no one behind, including migrant workers, undocumented people, low-waged students, poor people, and refugees. migrantrights.ca/covid19/
Migrant Rights Network

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VPD's response to has been unacceptable. In a letter sent this morning, we urge to undertake evidence-based responses to public health crises & cease enforcement activities that jeopardize access to health, safety, and dignity in the .


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Sex Workers! I know you're excited to offer online bookings! While it's not a huge risk, keep in mind Zoom & Skype are not encrypted, are monitored, and sex is against the TOS.

I have a free download link to a end-to-end encrypted alternative used by doctors. DM me for it!

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Cloudflare, swearing it is not a joke, have launched a censored DNS product that out the gate blocks LGBTQ support and aid sites as well as sex education resources.

(They have unblocked some of these now in response to complaints, but many remain inaccessible via their filter) twitter.com/Cloudflare/status/

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Important information for people who use drugs in BC on how to access what they need legally.

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