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“We are here to demand justice for sex workers!” TS Candii was the emcee for the rally today outside of The Stonewall Inn in NYC. Trans sex workers did a speak out against police brutality & transphobia.

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"Pride has always been about finding solidarity in community. It is about fighting for one another in the face of various oppressions, some that may not directly affect you, but realizing that your liberation is tied to one another."


Our Sex Worker Legal Clinic is back (virtually)! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform wants immediate decriminalization straight.com/news/canadian-all via @georgiastraight@twitter.com @CDNSWAlliance@twitter.com @XXXWorkers@twitter.com @SusanDavis15@twitter.com @nikiashton@twitter.com @r_garrison@twitter.com @libbydavies@twitter.com @PaceSociety@twitter.com @KerryPorth@twitter.com @DavidLametti@twitter.com

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Street-checks are racist, specifically anti-Indigenous & anti-Black, & disproportionately target ppl in poverty: bit.ly/2BAk34R

, please sign up & support this motion led by @UBCIC@twitter.com @bccla@twitter.com @hogans_alley@twitter.com @BLM_Van@twitter.com @WISHvancouver@twitter.com.

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73 groups release open letter calling for immediate ban on police street checks in Vancouver & BC.

Street checks are harmful toward Indigenous, Black, low-income communities, & have no basis in law.

Add your voice act.bccla.org/banstreetchecks

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When people say "community-based" health & safety alternatives to police, that doesnt mean carceral health regimes or large service providers/ non-profits that aren't accountable to or led by communities they serve. Re-allocation of $ will prove to be another level of struggle.

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“Some people will want to move to hotels quickly, and others will not. Moving to hotels must be voluntary, free from any perception or potential for coercion... while housing options are being mobilized, encampments should not be displaced.”


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Bold ideas save lives: "Drug Users Call for Safe Supply of Heroin and Cocaine, and Show How It’s Done" thetyee.ca/News/2020/06/23/Saf (story by @jwints@twitter.com)

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Happening now: advocates and people who use drugs are rallying at Main and Hastings, demanding an end to the drug war, and the provision of clean drugs like heroin and cocaine alongside BCs safe supply program:

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our Bipolar Bridges project is building an innovative app for *gender diverse* people with . Over 200 participants have completed our international app survey but too few identify as non-binary or trans - please RT and help us change this? crestbd.ca/2020/02/25/bipolar-

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[action alert] 06/23, 1:30 PM,
so-called vancouver. NO MORE DEATH: A MARCH FOR SAFE SUPPLY NOW! meet at @VANDUpeople@twitter.com (380 E Hastings)

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"Are we not doing something similar today with COVID-19? Inaction and a growing silence in the White House has resulted in 120,000 American deaths in the space of four months. Viruses love Republicans."

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