I don't understand why I keep seeing so many posts about guys not wanting to go through the screening process. I mean come on guys really? You wont trust the lady but automatically expect her to trust you. Dude its dangerous for all sides in this world now. If you have nothing to hide your have nothing to worry about.

@Ohwow6988 THANK YOU!!! Like???? I can't know your name or how old you are but you expect me to give you my address? if I ask you for a picture, it's because I want to use it as your contact not because I'm doing some crazy background check LOL. mfs are weird

@Ohwow6988 I’ve noticed the same thing. And a lot of gents have started to ask about specific services. I try to answer with something like “I don’t discuss services, as the appointment is just for my time, but I can tell you if we will be compatible” but they can’t seem to read between the lines. Not sure why they feel comfortable asking these things either. I could also be a cop.

@Ohwow6988 I have definitely noticed that safe clients that have never harmed a female or tried to get over on her somehow have no problem whatsoever sending verification info or going through screening but the dudes that have a bad reputation always do.

@kushellaa cause they have burned those bridges and are afraid they aren't going to get any nookie anymore lol

@Ohwow6988 As long as they're calling from their actual personal phone, they don't need to agree to screening. Either his name shows up on your caller id or it doesn't, & if it doesn't he needs to call from a phone that does. I screen without them even knowing.

@KelliVixen Good point. I submit to what ever makes my provider more comfortable but thats the way I treat women. With respect. SW or not a woman is still to be treated with respect and dignity.

@OfficialKaseyStorm Your welcome but i figured it would just be common sense but I guess that just isn't common

@Ohwow6988 you'd think darlin but.....🤷‍♀️🙄🤦‍♀️
I personally look at it this way....
If they can't trust me to be discreet in my process then why should I trust them to be in any location I happen to be. THAT is common sense. Lol 😘

@OfficialKaseyStorm exactly y'all take more risk than we do. Of course we should be trusting and give you no reason not to trust us. SMDH

@Ohwow6988 A girl will ask for references so she can get comfy with you (her safety) prior your meeting. This is 10-15 mins of your time.

The alternative is don't and go find someone who doesn't screen. Understand that girl is going to want to get comfy too and will do so 10-15 mins while ON the clock.

If she never does get comfy with you expect a mediocre time or certainly not the great time others had. hey's it's YOUR $ to spend as you wish but that mediocre time is partly on you.

@SFJackCoke i agree 100%. It just floors me that guys dont want to go through screening


It shouldn't, a guy is horny and screening is cock blocking him.

I'll be honest there's some screening that doesn't work for me but I'm not reaching to contact them hoping they do it my way, just moving on to the next as we aren't a match. nothing wrong with that.

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