I’ve been reading a lot about post modernism and hyperreality lately, if anyone was ever interested in gifting me a book during a date 😍 Next on my list is Symbolic Exchange of Death

I’d post a pic of Simulacra and Simulation to look fancy but I’m reading a pdf version😂

Guys will contact literal sex workers to purchase our services then complain when we have an OF cause “every girl has an OF now”

Sir you contacted me to pay me for sex.

Dont tell me to get a boob job if you arent about to pay for it. Ill gladly get one! Pay for it.

Trying out that art app and this is a pop culture vibe

Might use this app for my own art inspo

Question for artists with cats! How do you avoid having your pieces absolutely covered in hair?

Casually scrolling eBay for vintage Alexander McQueen as a leisure Monday activity

I'm learning Yiddish and re-learning German.
Date idea: you also speak Yiddish or German and teach me nasty things to say

Well it’s been fun Twitter I spent 5 minutes on here and I’m bored

TL is really lacking lately

Someone just made me a favorite on . Call me at 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 11876142 to see why.

Oh hey I hit 4K followers. How many are bots 🤔

It’s not rolling in stacks of money that makes me love this job but it’s flexibility that makes it great for disabled people. Any other job I’d be fired by now, instead I have understanding clients 🥰

Help me I’ve developed an addiction to Tom kha soup

Civilian women have it all wrong with tips on how to get a man to leave them alone. Just ask them for screening information in order to hang out with them. You'll never hear from them again!

Winter months means I wake up earlier and am ready to get so stoned I pass out for the rest of the night by 5pm.

This is to say, I love morning dates in the winter time

Catching a client via him just imputing random numbers to text and happens to get me has to be the best way I've ever gotten a client

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