Hello again switter. I'm back up north in the interior of Alaska fighting fires. I work 12 days on/2 days off. Is anyone near Fairbanks that wants to make my days off unforgettable?

Any ladies taking a cruise stopping in ?
I live here in Ketchikan, and would like to be your guide. Or take you for a unique view of the area from my boat. If we really hit it off, I could also arrange for a helicopter ride!

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For my “Secret” menu you must be screened. It is not open to the public..

I am a selective & heavily invested young woman.

I assure you if we have chemistry you will be the happiest man alive!

You are over 30, successful, ambitious, well groomed, respectful, & classy.

I love all races! doesn’t matter just have great hygiene & be generous.

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Hey Alaska I'm coming back to Anchorage June 3 through the 8th + bunnylane99@yahoo.com Call your lucky numbers so I know your VIP status! New look same bunny lane fish on!

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♥️Just throwing it out there.....♥️

Currently gearing up for summer tour. I am a vendor at Dead shows and other hippie festivals. I import my goods from India. I work with small family run businesses only.

♥️I am investing all my cash in to my merchandise.♥️

Any little extra bit of cash helps right now. Working hard for my business. 💪🏼

Cashapp: LittleRamblinLucy

♥️Love you guys♥️

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I'm in Portland, Oregon for the Kink convention. Lots to learn about sex always ❤

But I made a stop at Powell's bookstore to get a treat for myself

Thanks so much for the boost and favorite. Hope all is well with you. Cheers!

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Hello everyone. Spring is just around the corner. I have to admit it's been beautiful, yet cold weather here in SE Alaska. I'm so ready to for some warmth, getting the boat in the water, the shrimp and crab pots set, and hopefully someone to help me enjoy this killer time of year.

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@OCDoubler Thanks for all the boost love darling. I just checked out your profile. I see your looking to fly in someone you connect with. I’m a traveler and Alaska hasn’t been knocked off my list yet. Want to chat? wanderingLucille@protonmail.com

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Still have 6 months but Im getting really excited about visiting Alaska! Ive missed it

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💜Hey switter. I’m awake and horny. Who feels like sexting?💜

Dirty pics and fulfilling your filthy, freaky fantasies. sessions with me always please.

Get a taste of what I offer. $50/hour plus pics. Plus I always have pics and vids to offer.

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💜 Hey 💜

🚐Figured I’d let you all know where my travels have taken me🚐

💜Currently taking a rest in north Florida, to be exact. I need a few days off, but I’d consider one client.💜

⭐️If you’d like to spoil me while I rest please feel free!⭐️


Next stops coming after the weekend:

Schedule? Where the wind takes me

With love,
Little Ramblin Lucy🍄

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💚A note on not keeping my schedule

💚I am finding so much healing in traveling fluidly, with intuition leading, not work. For now, my growth is my priority. I try to bring healing energy to every single one of my clients. As the Buddha said “to straighten the crooked you must first do a harder thing, straighten the self.”

💚For the time being I will post future cities, not specific dates.

💚Clients I find easy to connect with will lure me certain ways, so don’t hesitate to reach out. 🚐

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💜Little Ramblin’ Lucy💜
💜I have rambled back to 💜

🍑A naturally compassionate woman, I seek to fulfill the needs of body and soul🍑

💜Empathic, yet kinky. Divine, yet perverse. Super dorky.💜

🔮⚡️A witchy woman sent to soothe your soul⚡️🔮


🍆Truly, I love this work🍆

🌙Your gypsy Goddess is waiting. Come explore your desires with a genuine freak.🌙

Location: New Orleans
Contact: 2408161392

I just arrived Las Vegas. I'll be here until Saturday 2/23. Always looking for someone to party and play with.

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Alexa! Find me a Vegas provider that likes to have fun and is also classy that I could take her to dinner, but horny so she can put me to bed!

Alexa responds (in her robot voice ramble): I have found one provider in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Cupcake take her to dinner let her put you to bed provider in Las Vegas email first ohdarlingpleaseme@gmail.com
Would you like to hear more? Say yes or no.

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Today has been a great day!! So many new followers and so many new users to our family at AdoreYouCams Anybody that wants to cam NOW is the time!😀 Sending my warm thoughts to you ALL.

❤️ Please Boost❤️

I'm heading for Portland then Vegas soon. Already have arrangements set with one of the coolest chicks ever.

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