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@lizerotica91 I BLACKLIST. Bye! And refusal to see them ever again. It’s pathetic. It’s considerate. And it’s a L I E 99% of the time. I’m sorry- I see your posts. This was me all in October.

Some of you ladies be giving these dudes way too much leeway to talk and comment on things that don’t pertain to them in this industry and it SHOWS.. clients are only as disrespectful and inconsiderate as you let them be 🤷‍♀️ I value my clients feelings but the second you’re insulting me or critical of me- there’s the door ➡️ 🙂 Too many good guys out there.

What a GREAT freaking DAY! ❤️❤️❤️🎈

Enjoy your weekend everyone- I’m taking limited bookings this weekend, so feel free to inquire! ☀️☀️
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2 videos for 30 ❤️
5 for 50 ❤️
10 for 100 ❤️


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‪If you’re someone who has a grandma that keeps dying at the worst possible moment, or who’s car inconveniently breaks down whenever you’re about to get laid, don’t book me. Your grandma will die again, and so will your car. And I’ll still ask for the cancellation fee. ‬

Sorry but I don’t answer DM’s unless serious. If you’re interested in meeting:
☎️ 347-941-2874

@CatarinaKush have to love when they take the time to text you all day too LOL then suddenly have a family member terminally ill or crash their vehicles on their way. So much BS. Missing backpage days sooooo much tbh.

@CatarinaKush lol- had one cancellation today for a mother in law in hospital, then the next an actual mother. Busy day in hospitals today I guess. Maybe a candy corn and kit-Kat OD? Like how many times do they want to use the same corny excuses? I literally just block now & BL for no show. So done with it.

This is EXACTLY why girls want deposits. So many flakes- no shows- time wasters- LIARS. And men refuse to send them because they sent some amazon gift card once to some account with 4 followers and using fake photos LOL, what did you expect?

Stop holding reputable providers for scams you got caught in. Stop sending girls with no reviews or website “deposits”- you WILL be ghosted after most likely.

I feel really bad where the industry is heading with lack of resources & advertising sometimes.

Lmao- people lying with booking cancellations on their suddenly sick and hospitalized spouses and even children. Sad. The lengths people will go to avoid a cancelation fee that shows your considerate of a ladies time and schedule you now most likely messed-up is insane.

Or the sudden “car accident” one.

You really think providers aren’t laughing and hear this alllllll the time? 🤣

Fellas.... just save yourself the embarrassment. Also there should be a no-show BLACKLIST.

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@gwenzlyn Scary. Just had something similar happen bc of ghosting someone on a BL who seemed so normal upon messaging me. So done in NYC with how many of these dudes are fucking outright dangerous & blacklisted and some girls are continuing to see them thinking it was just for no reason or petty like (????) then when us providers who don't put a $ over our safety deny them- they go start smear campaigning. thanks for spreading and sharing this.

@VixenBlu I was and am not ashamed to say it- accumulating almost all my income off CL. I was just starting out, I was 18- I never had a bad experience and met people until this day I see. Backpage kept shadowing my ad's no matter how I worded it. I was losing money and just gave up. But when CL went down- it was hard. I went to SA, FetLife.. I made this in 04/18 when it was dead. Waited. Went on CityXGuide. Luckily this platform became popular is all I can say.

It’s really sad how some of these girls have to get slandered on review boards, some even going far enough to make smear-campaign accounts on her, for not meeting/canceling on/ghosting men on Black List’s and she can’t even defend herself by saying he was on one because he’ll then just change his alias/name.

Guys, granted a girl is reviewed and has paper trail (google her number) trust me- there’s a reason. Nobody wants to miss out on a client for no good reason.

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Sensual melanated beauty just waiting for you 🌺

Soft and sweet (and a freak in the sheets) just how you like it 😉

Book me via 📧
📸: @BBC8

@Pepwave1 Never received those messages and I have a tight grip on all communication within what I do. You been refunded.
Take care now.
I have no reason to intentionally stiff someone 30 freaking dollars LOL. I send content purchased from me EVERY day and had never had an issue.

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