This is EXACTLY why girls want deposits. So many flakes- no shows- time wasters- LIARS. And men refuse to send them because they sent some amazon gift card once to some account with 4 followers and using fake photos LOL, what did you expect?

Stop holding reputable providers for scams you got caught in. Stop sending girls with no reviews or website “deposits”- you WILL be ghosted after most likely.

I feel really bad where the industry is heading with lack of resources & advertising sometimes.

@CatarinaKush lol- had one cancellation today for a mother in law in hospital, then the next an actual mother. Busy day in hospitals today I guess. Maybe a candy corn and kit-Kat OD? Like how many times do they want to use the same corny excuses? I literally just block now & BL for no show. So done with it.

@Nycnadine so onetime a guy who loves cancelling paid in FULL and then tried it a week before appt. I reminded him that o don’t refund deposits unless it’s my bad and I never asked for the full, I just send vids if you do. And I had given him the vids.
He never fucked w me again and I don’t know if he learned his lesson. It was over a grand 🦂

@CatarinaKush have to love when they take the time to text you all day too LOL then suddenly have a family member terminally ill or crash their vehicles on their way. So much BS. Missing backpage days sooooo much tbh.

@Nycnadine I found out later how much he actually tried it so I didn’t feel bad at all

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