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I finally have my tour dates put together! Pre Book now for incentives!

May 27th-31st

May 31st~ April 4th

's Corner April 4th ~7th

11th ~ Undecided

Lady Nola is visiting !
May 1st- May 5th!
Pre-Book now!

Tyson's corner Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning and DuPont Circle Friday Afternoon to Sunday afternoon

@Nolagreen777 And would it help if I were under you propping you up just a tad?😜


I have a discreet private Residence located in Pooler, about 20 minutes from downtown Savannah. I would enjoy coming to you as well and since I have lived here for several years I could teach you a few bits of interesting history from this beautiful city. Let me show you how we party in Savannah!

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