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hi everyone! I'm Nicolette, or Nicole for short. I'm a 21-year-old on ! and this isn't my first time on Mastodon so for all the new people still trying to figure out how it all works, feel free to ask me questions and I'll help as best as I can ❀

(oh, and you can find me on Chaturbate at

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hi fediverse :blobcat: i'm Nicolette Bellerose! i'm a #trans #camgirl on #chaturbate with a #petite body and a big #girlcock :3 hoping to make some fedi friends and maybe get some more viewers for my shows ❀️

you can find me on Chaturbate at, hope to see you there :blobheart:

#transgirl #tgirl #TS #bigdick #bigcock #smalltits #smallboobs #tinytits

i've had a few people tell me i have a "girl next door" look? hmm.

@Elizabeth would be an option? that would certainly make for a good @ at least XP

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hmm, so since Switter seems to be pretty dead now i'm considering moving to a different instance since i do still wanna be part of the fediverse :) but the question is which one. i'd like somewhere i might be able to get some attention on my posts and that wouldn't mind me advertising my camming shows (i'd CW everything appropriately obvs, and i guess if absolutely necessary i could post the live notifications as unlisted). anyone have any ideas?

all the people I follow on here are basically just crossposting bots now so rip


I honestly need to make this tax stuff into like, an article, with links to all the forms and stuff. this information is Important

ever since finding out about this stuff I've been burying my head in IRS stuff. basically:
- the self-employment tax rate is 14.12955%. set aside that percentage of each payout and you should be fine.
- for estimated tax look at Pub. 505, esp worksheets 2-1, 2-3, 2-4, and 2-7

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PSA for camgirls: please learn from my mistake. set aside money for taxes (check the IRS self-employment tax rate) and pay estimated taxes (Form 1040-ES) so you don't end up owing a bunch of money you can't pay at tax time. x_x

RT There are so many different ways to be cute and every girl is killin it in her own way. Like you! Gosh! You're so adorable! You're so good!

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