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special tonight! I'm back on the road in a couple days. come experience FRIENDLY . By an


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I'm home! Only for a couple days however. I have some slots available for you guys. You have been missed. Catch me while you can!

Location: Kalispell, Montana

History teacher irl, with summers spent taking a lot of sofa selfies. (One wonders: is there a sacred number of such selfies one could take? Like say X amount of sofa selfies might awaken some slumbering god, who would then do my bidding?) Anyhoo. About me: petite, mature, on the nerd end. Relaxed & very sexual.

Location: New York City

Fan of Jimi Hendrix & Roman mystery cults. Cute, arguably. An easy hang, definitely. Mia-Farrow-in-Rosemary's-Baby style hair. Petite, fit, blonde, mature. Relaxed & fun & very sexual.


Location: psychedelic wormhole within New York City. Contact:

One of the good things about the relationship i have with my partner that i live with is that we can both sit there doing our own thing and be perfectly fine.

If you cant do your own thing in a relationship, get out. Seriously. its a huge red flag if they want to do literally everything with you and wont let you have your own life. I never realized how toxic it was until i lived with with this person and saw how healthy it was to have my own space.

A number of things honestly i discovered were toxic in relationships because they dont do them and i feel better with them than with others ive lived with. It took having a good partner to see how bad the bad ones were.


Don't miss me and one of the most fun girls around. We are coming to the beach. The question is are you going to come with us?



Maybe those who wish to take up Len's idea could send their letter to Santa Claus? It's not too early for Christmas


Also i can be absolutely rediculus with them. If you cant be absurd together whats the point

Just finished a call. I'm available now on 1-800-To-Flirt, ext: 11266031. Give me a call before I become busy again!

Ty! Only a matter of time till another subbie is in My smotherbox.

RT Just bought this clip last night on IWC.... Its amazing watching you smother someone you don't care about. I can't wait to see you you the smother box on someone else.


Las Vegas or Vest Baton ;) July 22-25 incall location available on strip!

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