the type of guy annoying me this week is the ones who issue challenges hidden in ads...

like "prove me wrong - there are no women into this"
or, "Are real people into this fetish a rarity"

to make women pop up and be "hi, actually..." so they can bait them.

Mistress Ramona Jones of has updated her profile. Check it out via professionalmistresses.co.uk/l or join her exclusive membership via onlyfans.com/ramonajones @ramonajonesonly@twitter.com

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@Ro_Smith@twitter.com just a heads up to let you know I think you're human trash.

Imagine publishing a story like this designed specifically to sell salacious nonsense and malign sex workers.

100 bucks says this is a story the "anonymous source" made up for attention.

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@GarrettIvo@twitter.com @CameronHartAus@twitter.com @JezButt91@twitter.com @Ro_Smith@twitter.com Yes. The images on @newscomauHQ@twitter.com's homepage and the article were stolen from a sex worker who did not give permission for them to use her image.

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@CameronHartAus@twitter.com @JezButt91@twitter.com @Ro_Smith@twitter.com Did he also use someone's promotional content without even reaching out to her first. Jesus wept.

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How about do your job and make sure you adhere to a professional code of conduct? Yes, I am offended and distressed on behalf of sex workers everywhere who are tired of being portrayed as trash news fodder. Stigma kills @Ro_Smith@twitter.com

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@Ro_Smith@twitter.com @newscomauHQ@twitter.com Oh please. More like “man gets sprung seeing SWs and makes up an absolutely absurd story to try to avoid divorce”.

And you need to remove that photo immediately. It’s damaging and so unethical that it’s incomprehensible that anyone would use it in this context.

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I mean I know Australian media is a complete fucking gutter fire lately... But ffs.

Not good, @Ro_Smith@twitter.com.
Unprofessional and trashy... Much like the rubbish "news" organisation you work for. twitter.com/AnyaSonder/status/

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Sakura Strike of , Holloway has updated her profile. Check it out via professionalmistresses.co.uk/l or join her exclusive membership via onlyfans.com/Sakura_Strike @Sakura_Strike@twitter.com

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He’s ‘shattered’ by the pile on now. Gee @Ro_Smith@twitter.com try working in a job where you can’t report rape/ stalking / assault to the police and be taken seriously because of the stigma. Try having no rights at work whatsoever. You dare ‘poor me’ at me over this


Gonna dye my hair back to blue some time next week, purple is nice and all but it was a panic choice after I mixed all my hair dye remnants together when the post was going slow and I had giant roots. I'm blue at heart 🦇

Thank you to my beautiful ho-fam and other Twitter supporters. You all rockidy rock and you give me the warmest of fuzzies xxx


gonna try this...

I bet you there is nobody that will buy me The Last of Us 2 from my wishlist.


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