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A lot of people ask me my ethnicity. People mistake me for being . I love my Latina ladies (it’s a huge compliment), but I’m Greek!

My schedule every week is Tuesday until 6, Wed & Friday all day/night! Sometimes I cover a shift, but I’ll let you know if I do!

Let’s get naked and let our hands explore all our sweet spots! I’ll make you feel like royalty 👑

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Dear clients,

Please don’t ask a SW their real name. The name they gave you is one they hand-picked and chose to go by.

As far as you’re concerned, that IS their real name.

Sincerely yours,
Alice Moreau


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Hi gentlemen! It’s my bday week!!! Show me love!! I ❤️ Y’all!

Cashapp: Naomilovesnyc
Venmo: Nnnyc

(Every week) text/call: 212-448-0211
Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday and Friday all day/all night!


If you’re a white privileged person in porn, mainstream or independent, ask yourself this: am I doing anything to help open doors for lesser known voices? Am I actively trying to add diversity and give queer black & brown performers/directors space to shine? If no: reevaluate


Im usually here all day/night on Wednesdays but today I am leaving at 6pm. I will return Friday and will be here all day/night, and covering a random shift on Sunday from 10am-6pm!!!

I am back to normal scheduling next week. Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday & Friday all day/night!

Email me to prebook:

text/call (only the days I am available, I can respond via phone): 212-448-0211

Are everyones pictures not showing up switter world?

Email me if you would like to get to know me better. I am available throughout the big city and across social media.

💌Email me at with your references, a brief description of yourself, and when you would like to connect.

📸Snapchat: RinBarnes
CashApp: $Folky

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