Artemisia de Vine, Elegantly Perverted . Highly experienced, independent operating out of well equipped, private, inner . Specialises in immersive explorations of and in depth explorations of D/s and erotic psyche.

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Contact: Email: Ph: 0420415658 Web:

I have quite the range of costumes, from , outfits through to classy lady wear and .

Whether , , or just for the joy of femininity, there is something for everyone in The deVinery.

and is a collaborative art form. An ever changing, intentional and aware dynamic that serves as the stage on which our souls experience ourselves and each other.

For me, ongoing & in depth and is where I want to place my efforts, joy, struggles, self discovery & intimacy.

That is what I mean when I say, D/s is about so.much.more than horniness. Sexual arousal is only the beginning... The door we initially walk through...

I feel like chatting; call me
ext: 10147073
Call me from Canada, USA, UK and more😉

“Giving up control and the patterns you thought were you
Giving up and finding grace in Submission
To Me.”

At @temple_22 till 6pm tonight.

Hmm... deciding on the theme of my new shoot. I think I will go vintage domestic domination. Domestic Kink is so much fun!

I am loving that the new Australian site that replaced Backpage, is owned and run by sex workers. We are invested in keeping our own safe.

Jaiden Lillith - Escort, artist.

Welcome to My world, don't worry, I'll bring you back safe.

Available in , from luxuriant and fully equipped premises. Prebookings essential.

Contact: 0421578741

I want to make it 100% clear. I am against sex trafficking. Sex workers are vigilante against this happening to our peers. I've dedicated my life to undoing rape culture & bringing sexuality out of the shame shadows that create it.

The best way to fight sex trafficking & any non consensual activities, is to fully decriminalise sex work.

Treat us like any other business with the same human rights & protections. Don't force sex work underground where the unscrupulous have more power over us.

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