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The only way to get to know my personality is by actually dating me. We all know social media is smoke, mirrors and clout so it's kind of hard to base one's personality off of that.

Wait... it's illegal to have the dealer plate covers(or any) on your plates?! And you can get pulled over for that?
Let me go look for a wrench. I already get a hard time over the color of my car. 🙄

I would have grabbed my passport and told my cousins to pick me up from the airport the same day. lol


Louisiana woman arrested after allegedly refusing to return $1.2M mistakenly deposited into her account.


I caved and bought the Kat von d eyeliner. 🙄
Does anyone have eyeliner recommendations for oily skin?

Act like a cop get treated like a cop.
In court you can't plea ignorance, so the same applies with me. Yes this may be a harsh take but if you can google hobbyist terminology, you knew better.

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I want to stay a discussion in an effort to inform new / potential clients abt protocol. (Feels like there is a brand new batch of men on this side of the pandemic.)


What is your 1st thought when a person inquires about specific acts before being verified?

RT Pls!


Please just be discreet...


Hey gents, this is your regular reminder to please not write any cute notes in the memo section on Cashapp. When Cashapp sees different men leaving us kiss emojis etc, they can decide they think we're sex workers, shut our accounts down and seize all the funds. Thanks in advance


Free game.

RT Perfect time to bring this iconic video back


The man who wrote my first review really thought he was going to come see me today for 160hh...

Well... Someone is using my photos now. Does that mean I finally made it?



I’m glad that you have whittled my value down to an emotional dumping ground for men seeking a second mother.

“Her capacity to love is proportionate to her waistline”.

Sorry, skinny girls - I guess you guys are faint of heart.


What is it about the word us that freaks out some potential clients? Lol
If you and I are having a conversation and I say us I'm referencing to you and I, not I and the imaginary person you think is next to me. 🤦🏿‍♀️

Since the beginning of the year I've had several men I've never met use me as a reference. They have all interestingly enough contacted me but I've declined. Please be safe out there.

I'm still trying to figure out this hoe crossword puzzle. What's a several letter bad word that ends with r?

My date last night told me several times to not allow my job to make me jaded. And when he tipped me he made me promise him that I wouldn't.
I told him not to worry, the reason why I'm this nice is bc I don't take people's crap.

Clearly he hasn't looked at my tl. 😭

Wait, I'm suppose to have my p*ssy hours on my site so clients can know what time to request to be my first of the day?

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