@MsZoeyAnnorah I am glad you are shaming him. For some things that are more “gray”, debatable or whatnot, I don’t think people should be outed - but for this, I am all aboard. Guys like these ruin it for all

@MsZoeyAnnorah seems like being randomly cruel is on the rise. Stay positive Zoey, nice guys still outnumber mean ones.

@MsZoeyAnnorah what a prick! You shouldn’t have to put up with nonsense like this.

@AlbertMendez 😪 I know "/ it was going to be money to get me into my own apartment too "/

@MsZoeyAnnorah I really try to see the best in people, understand that we all have different experiences that inform our behaviors. But... beware.

Its going on in Texas like that too...lately major assholes are everywhere, running game & ripping off girls left & right. Its like a plague. Anyway, read your post & just had to say damn! these guys are irksome.
I used to live on Tierra Verde & am moving back to St Pete in january. Stay beautiful & be safe. sweetie.

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