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Starting Jan 1st Deposit of 25% of Donation Rate Will Be Required For New Friends Due To Excessive Fantasy/Ghost Screening/Booking Being Made
Business Hours
Mon-Thurs 7AM-Midnight
Fri-Sat 7AM- 2AM
Sun 9AM-Midnight
Services Available/ Get A Variety Set Of Clips With Visit
BNG/Up To 20 Mins/100 Get a 5 Clips Set
HHR Worship/125 Get a 10 Clips Set
HHR/150 Get A 10 Clips Set
HR/230 Get A 20 Clips Set
90 Mins/315 Get A 30 Clips Set
2HRS/400 Get A 40 Clips Set
3HRS/4th HR Free/485 Get A 50 Clips Set

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Any Emails W/Out Proper Introductions or Having Questions That's Answered Already In The Website Will NOT Be Acknowledged!

During Non Business Hours All Emails Are Forwarded To

OH2 Members Please Include Your Profile Link In The Comment Section Of The Booking/Screening Form To Verify

PM's Are Now Off, And Phone Number Has Been Disconnected

Screening IS Required For New Friends With A Minimum 24 Hour Notice

Established Friends Minimum of 2 Hour Notice Required

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New Full Body Oral/Sensual Massage Half Hour Worshipping Session $125

Alot of New Changes Taken Place, Please Visit Website BEFORE Contacting To Get All The New Details

Private Incall ONLY/ Located In the Medical Center on Fredricksburg Rd

MUST Book Through The Website,

All Your Questions Are Already Answered On The Website

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EXPERIENCE The Oral Specialist
It Can Not Be Described

It MUST Be Experienced!

This Well Defined, little Bitty, Feisty Red Head, May Be Compact In Size, But Is Guaranteed to Amaze. .From The Time You Enter Till The Time You leave, you will find, I will blow your mind....and then some! With Talented mouth and skilled throat, having truly mastered, The Art of Oral Seduction, once experienced, you will see, that there's no words for this experience to be!

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So how would you like to be totally worshipped by ??

Half Hour Session

Your Whole Body Worshipped
Teased Till You Cant Handle It
Tugging At Your Primal
Daring The Animal To Cum Play

Be Worshipped Be Spoiled Be Teased Bringing You To Euphoria By The Oral Specialist

Lose Your Senses Let The Beast Take Over & Drive It Home

Sessions $125

I want to applaud all of the guys, gals, and non-binary pals out there supporting SW's during this time.

I appreciate that so many in this community understand our circumstances and genuinely care.

You truly are the MVPs and your gestures will always be remembered! ✊♥️

Solo: Fucking Machine W Huge Black Dildo $15

Was playing around one night with my third fucking machine, before it broke lol. So I rigged it up lol I had put the black dildo over the one that was for the machine, like a sleeve and i was trying it out lol so out of all that,
Set Includes:
14 Pictures
9 small clips
.o8 Secs,.14 Secs,.02 Secs .08 Secs.18 Secs.03 Secs
.08 Secs.14 Secs.03 Secs

Adult Law: The ignorance In your words can cost you!!!

This is especially for the gentlemen,


So you can adjust how you interact with providers and save your asses....and ours too!!

theres absolutely no room for ignorance with these, i give you all the laws and all the resources

Find out what the differences are between legal dating and illegal prostitution in this blog that I wrote breaking it down for everyone

Reverse Cowgirl Cream Pie $12

Starting with a teasingly slow blow job, as I enjoy myself the camera pans giving you a close up of my juicy cunt as I get fingered, hearing my juices, as the camera pans back and forth, you see I’m having difficulties concentrating as you hear that sloppy juicy sounds and see me cum

Set Includes:
1st Vid: 3.45 Mins
2nd Vid: 2.45 Mins Cream Pie
3rd Vid: .21 Secs Cream Pie
for all the details

Solo: Fucking Machine W Key Rings for Weights $8

This i how i play all day long! lol the bread ties and key rings??? well i tend to get creative in my play lol.. the key rings are used as weights, so i take the bread tie around my clit hood ring and put the key rings with another half pound weight and when i do that, it rubs just right,

Set Includes:
1st Vid: 3.08 Mins
2nd Vid: .11 Secs
for all the details


ive been on this new page all day, i just finished it, and published it please make sure you take a look at it

I am available now in San Antonio, Texas, United States! To contact me, visit

Let's see if this gets through y'all stick skulls the next person who emails my Microsoft email account and I did not give you permission and you send your information through that account guess what Imma call your house phone

since you want to disrespect my boundaries two can play that game you want to play that way

Now can you understand how I don't like my boundaries crossed either

Ok so question for providers that are p411 members

I don't have a newspaper for my verification what do I do can I send a picture of my phone with today's date on it or something I don't have a newspaper to do the rest of my verification process what's next can anybody tell me or suggest to me please

no since I deactivated my Twitter account consider it I can't get stupid to understand what this is and what this means I hope to God I don't have to go as far as doing that here or on Tumblr either please understand what the hell I'm giving y'all and respect it as it should be

As it is I already know I'm stupid for making my lifetime members employees in my corporation okay treated like you should be respecting it

I'm serious I do not take the extra time to give lifetime members all this extra stuff that I don't know one other provider does for their members I don't take the extra time to do the stuff that I do for you to fucking put holes in the security every you not to respect this shit that I do

now please excuse my language in the way I've had to say these things but I can't seem to get them across any more then and when I nice about it no one takes me seriously and just ignores the things that I say I'm tired of being ignored and I'm tired of games that can cost me and everybody else is there life especially my life so please excuse my language but it's the only way I feel like I can catch everybody's attention that needs to pay attention

it makes me sick to my stomach that I have to turn into being a bitch for you to fucking catch notice of what I've been trying to tell you nicely for I don't know how God damn long now

You tell me I'm all about drama but you make the fucking drama stop doing this shit I'm not a game player that you like playing these childish games that can put everybody at risk and in jail for you fucking like playing these games that are costly and you're not cost in my goddamn life

another thing all these oh2 friendship request that I've been getting fuck that I have not been on that site and I like 3 months but maybe twice now you motherfukers in nothing but God damn drama motherfukers who like a lieing on their damn screening forms I'm not playing your shit no more do not send me this I did not go on the website what the fuck I'm tired of you fools playing games I'm not here to play games with your asses

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