Hey - tricks & losers,
I'll personally be doing live mobile (iPhone & android) streaming from bit.ly/2BINrmX ... When signing up you will get 1000 coins upfront.

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Welcome to My online addictive world.
Feels so erotic & so right to submit to ME.

- FemBO$$ Site: FemBoss.com
- iFemBoss App: bit.ly/2BINrmX
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4/5/2018 12:58.12 PMIB Transaction ID: 190*****
4/5/2018 12:58.12 PMIB Start Call
4/5/2018 12:58.12 PMIB Garner, North Carolina
4/5/2018 3:25:15 PMIB End Call

$20.00 per mins = $3,612.23

I am a (aka ) who love doing , & some .

- 42 inches in the back
- 36DDs in the front
- 5'8.5 Tall
- Nutella Skin
- Big brown eyes
- Body crafted by diet & plenty of time in the gym & sexy time playing on my xbox or playstation

Location: Bay Area, CA - Midtown, NY - Dupont, DC -Denver, CO

I have just uploaded a new video and I am waiting for you to come and watch it now. Check out my web page femboss.com/femboss-store/

4/11/2018 10:41:07 PMIB Transaction ID: 164*****
4/11/2018 10:41:07 PMIB Start Call
4/11/2018 10:41:07 PMIB Orlando, Florida
4/11/2018 10:41:08 PMIB Play Greeting
4/11/2018 1:53:33 PMIB End Call

$5.30 per mins + $200 tip added = $836

My whatapp will is available for D/s date sessions ONLY and pay to whatapp with me per facetime/audio/text/phone. If you need to leave me a voice message call 1-650-278-4403 (this is a voice mail ONLY - I dont pick up the phone)

Yes that photo is a more recent photo. I have been transforming my body into a temple I LOVE.

Location: DC, CA, CO & NY
Contact: FemBoss@protonmail.com
Phone: 1-800-693-4187

*All images posted on is CopyRighted to FEMBOSS.COM & Trademarked under FEMBOSS.COM.

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Living your best life is when you are counting money while you sleep.

Ain’t nothing like making money while sleeping.

Location: DC, CA, CO & NY
Contact: femboss@protonmail.com
Phone: 1-800-693-4187

I will respond back to your email within 24hrs of the evoice message stamped date with a electric eform. Completely fill out the eform before we can go further to your phone interview. When you call extension "13" that will be your required deposit towards showing me that you are real.

 ** I am no longer accepting emails to make arrangements for Real Time sessions.

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Let Me start off by saying I am NOT an escort. If u are not a submissive/fetish male DO NOT contact Me because I am not interested. I am looking for play partners and I am open to newbies. I am looking for clients who want to be Dominated by a thick, tall, hot ebony .

If you are looking to do R/T sessions then you will call (1-800-693-4187 ext: 13 ") my pay to evoicemail me to leave a message:

Name "First and Last"
Email Address - MUST HAVE!

Public Post :: The more I think about that last post...Nope, I am not posting each clip on here ... you guys can go to my website to see all my older exclusive clips.

Here:: femboss.com/femboss-store/

Public Post :: Been some request to publish my older clips before I start bring back my clips with my new body.

Today will be last day of any older pictures of me being posted publicly or privately on .

Location: DC, NY, CA and CO
Contact: femboss@protonmail.com
Phone: 1-800-679-6035


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