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Charlotte Edwards

Location: Toronto, On, Canada

Include Name, age, ref/pers screening req, date time, duration desired for a response.

Downtown Toronto Incalls by appt
Outcalls to YYZ, Downtown, GTA

We could be lovers, but you have to book first....

Available with prebooking only

Downtown Toronto
Apr 14-17

Tentative! YYZ Airport plz prebook
Apr 18-19morning

Downtown Toronto
Apr 23-24

Downtown Vancouver
Apr 25-28 morning

Cambridge, On
Apr 29-30

Please prebook for Cambridge gents. Otherwise with the current state of ad boards being removed and low readership of random new ones I may not come back anymore.

if any newbs are confused about what all these different timelines mean:

Home: people you follow

Local: all of Switter

Federated: all of Switter, PLUS anyone from *any other instance on Mastodon* who follows one of us. (basically, the more we interact with normies outside of the Switterverse, the more people we'll get connected to, so don't sleep on that Federated TL! try to be friendly & social to the civvies so we can broaden our reach within the greater Fediverse.)


‪Just in case make you’re following me/saving my info on more than one platform ‬

‪Twitter: @MsCharlotteX
‪Instagram: CharlotteEdwardsXX‬
‪Website: ‬

Yay I found my first troll barftastic profile and toot combo. I would go ahead and block this guy right now. He sounds so charming and “generous”. Basically sounds like he wants unsafe services for cheap as well as to shit all over switter after joining.

Hey guys! Just a quick note. Switter is NOT based in the US. Our servers are OUTSIDE the US and we are ensuring that Switter won't be effected by SESTA/FOSTA. We are using a CDN for safety which is what many sites also use. Please spread this. There is a lot of misinformation going around.

'sup guys. heads up, if you want to mute certain words/hashtags/phrases from your TLs, go into the 3 little bars (UNDER the ones on the top right-corner) and enter your muted words like this. (you can do this just for your Home feed or the Local/Federated feed as well, but you gotta do them all separately, which is good for not 100% muting stuff & staying organized.)

hi guys! something VERY IMPORTANT that we ALL need to be aware of: unless we wanna get muted/banned by moderators of other Mastodon instances (we can interact w/the whole universe, not just Switter!) then we MUST BE VIGILANT about keeping ALL NSFW IMAGES BEHIND CWs (and/or changing yr settings to "sensitive media") -- this also means DO NOT SHOW NUDITY IN YOUR AVATARS! once we get muted by a mod, it affects ALL of their users. let's stay social & interact properly/politely in this new world! 💓🌎

Markham Hwy 404/7

Wed Mar 28
Until 11pm

Thurs Mar 29

Markham Hwy 404/7

Wed Mar 28
Until 11pm

Thurs Mar 29

Ok this looks better than the web version. I downloaded Tootdon from the App Store. Looks similar to twitter app

Will definitely have to figure this out more. Local timeline vs federated timeline?

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