Is there any moderating of Creeps using switter? Those spouting mean hateful stuff against swers, wanting no screening, cheap rates and just plain trolling?

@MsCharlotteX yes! please click REPORT for any creeps and highlight the toots in question. our mod queue is seriously backed up but we ARE getting to every report. we are firmly anti-troll & pro-SW here, so we will do our best to weed them out so we can keep a respectful community vibe.

@justsauce16 @MsCharlotteX switter has already said they’re not doing reviews. A simple client verified check mark could accomplish what you say — detailed reviews aren’t safe or necessary.

@MsCharlotteX nope. just screenshot and post w hashtags like and post on here. There needs to be... bc this needs to be a sfae place for us :(

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