Switter seems to work well in the US, it's really nice to see it thrive. But being french I can't help but wonder if such a thing is possible in my country.

cam has ended, thanks for watching if you did, either way, have a nice day / evening !

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I think I will start a cam' soon. Well, I did the setup but I'm hesitating D:

Now i'm so exhausted and the room temperature must have gone up by 5°C or so.

Was a nice cam', had a lot of fun on ! Thanks to people watching if some were from here :3

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Do you know if it's allowed to share a chaturbate link somewhere like this or fetlife ?

Do you know if it's allowed to share a chaturbate link somewhere like this or fetlife ?

So yesterday was my first Chaturbate stream, I'm still a bit lost but it went pretty fine I guess ! And it was fun. Will do some more in times to come.

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Hope everyone is having a fun Saturday night. All you sex workers rock! ✨

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Someone was wondering why there was a huge real estate in the middle of Berlin either totally empty or in this case only temporarily in use. I don't know. It's really a contradiction how spacious Berlin seems to be and how much space is actually wasted and how there is not enough living space and rents are rising. I have no answer. I took a photo of a graffiti. It says: Trans girls love Satan! This is the perfect end for this story! I am only 200 m away from home!

Guess I'll give another try to fetlife since it seems a bit complicated here when starting. Hard to find people to follow !

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Still trying to figure out how to drive this new site.... bear with me. Any advice is appreciated.

Hey switter, any french people around here ? I know it's 4 am here, but maybe there could be some still here ? Maybe it would be easier to ask them if we are from the same country, thus encountering similar regulations and such ? So if you are french / know interessant french people, don't hesitate to share !

A suggestion of people to follow that have good advice or life experiences to express ? I can read nsfw contents without problem.

Any interessant people you think of (including yourself) is welcome ! Not searching for people only doing advertising though.

Hope I'm not doing it wrong, haha. I'm not used to introduction and I hope I didn't misunderstood what this instance can be used for !

Hello ! I am a transgender woman living in France, but speaking english quite well. I have been wondering about doing for a long time but still haven't started yet.

I also self-define as hypersexual and submissive (), with a few experience behind me.

In life I still am a student in biology, trying to find my way and not get lost. I am 22 years old and have no plan for what's to come, but right now I have a year off school to think of it.


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