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I'm going to be in from June 30th-July 3rd to see my wife @MissAlexxxia ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ’‹โ€๐Ÿ‘ฉ

DM to inquire about , shopping trips & . Also looking for a potential sub to film with.

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Get on your knees.
You will lick until I tell you to stop.

When you start, you'll place a $50 bill in the top of each boot. When you go back to clean the spots you missed, you'll place two $100 bills.

Tip: Do a shitty job. Making your tongue raw while draining you is hot as fuck.

I am a nurturing dominant.
That will never change.

I am an empath.
That will never change.

I am who I am.
That will never change.
For anybody.

I know you're hungry. There's a craving in you that you've been fighting. A mutt, starving in the desert.

The burning desire to be given the privilege to lick my boots clean, to make them sparkle.

On your knees.
Impress me.

Aftercare can be anything from cuddling, talking, going out for ice cream or anything far & in between.

It all depends on the D/s & what they require to safely come down from that headspace.

Set up your paycheck to be directly deposited into my account every payday so I can help you budget better.

Your bills & life necessities are mandatory. Beer & fast food aren't.

If your sub has expressed financial limits & you still force him to dip into his savings or borrow from friends, you're an abuser.

Sure, it's hot in the moment.
But when the high wears off, your sub will resent you.

That's why limits are discussed.
Stop overstepping them.

If you've ever been abused in any way, shape or form by your D/s partner, please don't ever be afraid to speak out about it.

You have a voice & you will be heard.

Subs, please don't be blindsided solely by appearances. Know the ins & outs of who it is you're submitting to. Being submissive puts you in such a vulnerable place & could be detrimental if you're in the wrong hands.

Learn the Dominant.
Research them.
Ask questions.
Stay safe.

Knowing about hard limits, safe words, consent & aftercare should be so instinctive to legitimate dominants.

Those types of things shouldn't be brushed away at any point in your sessions or relationships.

I've decided to remove as one of my prominent titles.

Yes, I love financial domination.
Yes, I love money.
Yes, you will still pay me.

But I view myself as more of a professional Domme/ lifestyle Domme & educating people about those roles is super important to me.

There's a massive difference between new Dommes who are genuinely interested in learning & the instas in my inbox asking idiotic questions.

It's your responsibility as a top to read your real-time submissives. Even when a safe word has been put into effect, sometimes the headspace is so deep that the submissive can't utilize the safe word.

Read your fucking subs.
Know when enough is enough.

I always miss my good boys who have served me in the past. It's who I am.

If a submissive left my service on good terms, they are always welcome back.

My body is the temple you kneel at & worship. Paying me washes away all of your perverse thoughts & sins. I enrich your life & bring you true meaning.

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