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Well here we are on Switter.

Almost the weekend ! Why wait to have some fun? I'll be around all day today so treat yourself!

Lexi 504-234-0889

Few things delight Me more than having a slave hand over his prized, vintage wanking material.

you might be the last toilet slave to serve Me before I say farewell. Granting hardsports sessions in the UK till May 4th! Follow My instructions on Mistresspomf.com/bookings and that's it, just put your head right in there, and... hmm mmmm.


Just been looking through my Twitter archive (which includes anything I RT'd), and found this from 2 years ago!

The wonderful @ZaraDuRose@twitter.com, with @Mary_Jale@twitter.com as the patient originally tweeted out by @kinkcanary@twitter.com in 2016.

SESTA: This is the fault of SW clients not being publicaly open about participation in the Hobby. Disapproval by those we love, embarrassment or religious taboo have caused good men to look away from the results from our inaction & speaking up.

I came out of the “Monger Closet” this week. With my adult children, friends & of course the lady in my life. Reactions ranged from surprise, disapproval & even admiration. NOT ONE rejected me.

Providers should NOT have to pay for our fears. Man up.

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When I contact a provider I want her to see me. I offer screening information to encourage her to feel safe in doing so. This is not very complicated.

I feel like chatting; call me
ext: 10147073
Call me from Canada, USA, UK and more😉

I’m home and as always minded. Call the queen and lets talk dirty!!
ext: 10147073

The catharsis. The humility basked in after experiencing such humiliation, such degradation beneath Me... This. This is when you know you have achieved O/our mutual goal as My toilet. A piece of Me in you. I understand what you so desire. Follow Me.

"Mistress Pomf has a quiet grace to her commands that demonstrate Her total belief that She rules. When a command is said without any “effect” added, it feels so much more like a matter of fact. No pretender is required, She is in charge and you’ll be grateful of it."


@cocodujour4u and I are now accepting prebookings for 4/30 - 5/7!

We will be taking some meetings together so if you are interested in spending time with both of us (why wouldn't ya right?😏 ) please follow the below instructions for consideration:

1. Send email mentioning this post to laylavargo@pm.me

2. Complete Screening at www.luvlayla.com

3. Check out Coco at cocodujour.com

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