Not all men want to get in your panties. Some of them just want to wear them.

It’s funny that the sex trolls who are the most vitriolic towards sex workers are also sex workers best customers.

@Mistressbellek..... unless you enjoy someone nesting the fun out of your purple headed warrior.......

Guys...never get a hand job from a woman who is a whack-a-mole champion.

@Mistressbellek I tweeting a whole thing on April fools about how I had had it with domination and was quitting the biz one year. Not one person fell for it.

@MistressAyn @Mistressbellek who would believe either of you on that? Y’all are so clearly dominant I have to get on my knees just to type this. 😁❤️

@Mistressbellek It's about time you learned your twue role in this world... Now, kneel and receive my rainbows!

@Mistressbellek They say I'm going to hell for all my sins.

I better take a warm jacket, I think it just froze over there...

I have decided to relinquish my control as a professional Dominatrix and live as a submissive home maker and housewife.

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