Celebrating + yesterday with lots of beautiful happy people from all over the world celebrating love and acceptance. “Ireland is changing. The old certainties are crumbling. Look around you a new Ireland is emerging. This is your Ireland. And this is your time. An Ireland in which all our citizens enjoy equality, inclusion and the right to marry the person you love. The days of living in shadows are long over.” - Mary Lou McDonald

‪I want you to run your tongue from the very tip of my heels slowly up the back of my boots. If I like how you lick my boots I might reward you by sitting on your face

‪Last night was so much fun! Thank you @LadyScarlettM @dublindomme @MistressSorrows and all the lovely subs that showed up to be put through your paces, you know how to make a birthday girl feel special

What a naughty nephew you are! I've caught you going through my silky, intimate things and now I'm going to dress you up in them and you'll do absolutely everything I tell you to do if you don't want me to tell your mother!!!

Muddy, muddy boots of leather,
Whiplash girl child in the dark,
Comes in bells, your servant, don't forsake him,
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart.
No seriously...I want you to lick all of this mud from my beautiful boots until they’re immaculate

If you are attracted to dominant women and drawn to femdom it should go without saying that you respect women and their right to have control over their own bodies. On the 25th vote yes to repeal the 8th amendment

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