Someone tell me why the moment I go on vacation is the moment I get 84372739405 emails from all of my favorite masochists?

There is no wifi in my home right now and I'm sitting here in a crowded coffee shop trying to have a conversation about sploshing like...😩

my feet hurt, you're going to rub them and make them feel all better


It's the 1st time I've had to do this but @Chad13 is a time waster and stood me up.

Ladies don't waste your time hes not a real 🐷pay pig. No one's more disappointed than I am. 😣

I'll be sure to put this on the proper sites I just want to let all my switter girls know💁‍♀️


"Can I borrow your autoclave?"

"Sure, what for?"

"Uh...personal reasons"

have you seen my new website?

so much love for all the incredible women (and the gimps) this past weekend who helped make a smash hit.


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